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VERY RARE! WWI RNAS Leather Flying Helmet with Full Face Leather Goggle Mask

Traditionally, World War One airmen of the Royal Naval Air Service wore black leather flying kit to differentiate themselves from the airmen of the Royal Flying Corps. The RFC airmen wore the honey coloured leather flying kit.
What I'm offering here is an early 'naped' black leather Flying Helmet. Accompanying this Flying Helmet is a very rare full face (cold weather) Face Mask, possibly made by "D Lewis".

Both the Helmet and Mask are in extremely good condition.

Code: 53191Price: On Request

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AWESOME!! Pair of Leather & Fur RFC Gauntlets by 'DENTS'

The palms and inner lower arms are made from the same honey coloured leather as the typical RFC Leather Coats of WWI.
The heavy fur backs are of a brown and gold fur I'm not familiar with and the inners are fully sheepskin lined.
The arm straps have very early copper poppers with the button covers reading "DENTS MAKE"

The Gauntlet Gloves go right up to the elbow and are seen in many, many original pictures of Royal Flying Corps Pilots, Gunners, and Observers.

I have never seen another pair of this type of Gauntlet by "DENTS" having searched for many years!

Code: 53190Price: On Request

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EXCELLENT!! Pair of 1940 Dated 'Battle of Britain' RAF MkIII Flying Goggles

Dated 1940 and all original.

Code: 53189Price: On Request

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THE VERY BEST!! Complete (reproduction) TypeD 'Battle of Britain' Oxygen Mask

Those experienced collectors out there will be fully aware of just how much it cost me to have this very special bespoke TypeD Oxygen Mask built to this exacting specification.

The Mask is an superbly "weathered" reproduction made by the man himself, Stephen Silburn. However that is not the full story, as I also supplied Stephen with the exact green wool barathea material from which he made this mask.

The loom is an original TypeD Loom which came to me from a New Zealand. It was salvaged from an original TypeD Oxygen Mask which sadly was completely beyond repair....mothed to dust and fibres!
The Loom is 100% authentic and still has the rare early pre-war Receivers fitted.

Made by Tony Sach and still IMO the very best reproduction Type 19 Microphone ever produced.....
Once I had word from Stephen that the Mask was ready I sent the Loom down to Tony and Stephen did likewise with the Mask. I had asked Tony to fully assemble the Mask for me so it was not only done correctly, but also to allow Tony to match the "weathering" of the Mic to that of the Mask. Tony even went as far as cording the Loom where required.

So there you have it, I make no apologies for the price of this, a reproduction. You simply will not find better!

Code: 53188Price: 1350.00 GBP

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EXCEPTIONAL!! WWII RAF 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet - SIZE 4!!

This Ctype carries one of the finest Air Ministry stamps I've seen on a Wartime RAF Flying Helmet. To top that, it reads "REF No. 22C/452" - The all important "452" referring to the size 4!! and a very good size 4 it is too.

The Helmet itself is in excellent overall condition with good soft leather (no tears or scuffing). The receiver cups are both soft and flexible and the Bennetts Buckle has its full leather covering. The chamois lining shows use but minimal dirt and wear.

Code: 53187Price:

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RARE!! USAAF LP-31 Life Preserver (Mae West)

Code: 53186Price: 285.00 GBP

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OUTSTANDING!! Unissued? WWII Luftwaffe Officer Visor Cap - by EREL

In my opinion, this stunning Luftwaffe Officers Visor would be almost IMPOSSIBLE TO UPGRADE!!

This has the very bare minimum of wear and other than a small piece missing from the Diamond and a tiny break in the bullion.....this could be descibed as MINT!!

Code: 53185Price: 1200.00 GBP

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OUTSTANDING!! Unissued? WWII Luftwaffe Officer Visor Cap - by EREL


Please Note - Some of the pictures show the material of the Cap to be lighter than it actually is. The Grey is much darker on the top of the Cap.

Code: 53184Price: On Request

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IMMACULATE!! 1919 Pattern RAF Visor Cap - with rare 'Slider' Cap Badge


The finest RAF Cap I've had in ages....a genuine 1919 Pattern RAF Visor in immaculate condition, and complete with its Original and very rare RAF 'slider' Cap Badge. It even has its original size label "7".

This is a real find and would be virtually impossible to upgrade!

Code: 53182Price: 495.00 GBP

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An extremely rare American Aviator military ring made in solid 14 Carat Gold!

Dated to 1933 and named to a US Pilot W.M Brown.

A very difficult item to picture and far better than the pictures show.

Size 11

Code: 53183Price: 335.00 GBP

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