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The NEW Lewis Leathers publication - 'WINGS, WHEELS & ROCK 'n' ROLL'

Ladies & Gentleman, let me introduce you to one of the finest publications I've seen in a long time....

For many years now I've collected items of Flying/Motoring Clothing by "D LEWIS" of Great Portland Street, Oxford Street, London. One of my prized posessions is my 1933 leather Flight Suit by "D LEWIS" (Code; 52406) and I have this displayed alongside my extensive collection of Air Ministry approved "LEWIS" Flying Helmets.

So, you can imagine my delight when I was approached by Derek Harris, M.D of Lewis Leathers Ltd. and asked to assist (in a very small way) in his new book. This new book shows in wonderful historic images and editorial the history of "D LEWIS". It also explains the "S LEWIS" connection as well as assisting in the dating of all "LEWIS" products.

Well, I've just received my own copy of the book and it is absolutely brilliant in every respect. If vintage flying, motoring and motorcycle clothing are your thing, then I cannot recommend this highly enough.

You can obtain a copy by visiting their online store www.lewisleathers.com

Tell them Ian sent you :-)

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VERY SCARCE!! RAF TypeG Flying Helmet....in Leather!!

On a rare occassion I come across an RAF Flying Helmet I'm not familiar with. This is just such an occassion and I'm now hoping someone can supply some information on this Helmet.

Identical in manufacture to the blue mesh Type G "inner" Flying Helmet of the early Jet Age. There are no identifying serial numbers or stamps on the Helmet, but the generic, internal padded Receiver Holders are dated to 1964. Before seeing that date I did wonder if there were an 'intermediate' Helmet between the WWII Ctype and immediate post-War TypeG??

Incredibly I have two of these Helmets, they came from a London Clearance Company, but other than that there is no background to them. Neither Helmet has been wired and neither have been worn. The only marks on them are from long-term storage.

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One of the first ten RAF Pilots to fly on Germany of WWII - NOW OFFERED FOR SALE!

What I'm showing here is the Full Dress Uniform of Group Captain J.A Sproule DFC


On the night of 3rd September 1939 the RAF made its first raid over Germany when ten Armstrong Whitley Bombers of 51 & 58 Squadrons took off from Leconfield. The ten Aircraft were flown by the very first 50 RAF Airmen to fly over German soil in World War Two......One of these fifty Airman was a young Pilot Officer, 39693 John Alexander Sproule.

John Alexander Sproule was born on November 23rd 1917 (Brandon, Manitoba). He joined the RAF in March 1937 having already learnt to fly at Brandon Flying Club. He was placed with 58 Squadron at Boscome Down learning to fly the Armstrong Whitley. He then completed a full tour of operations with Bomber Command.
After some time he was placed as a Specialist Navigation Instructor at St Athans (Wales) and Port Albert (Ontario), he started Trans Atlantic and Middle East flights with No. 24 Squadron, that flew Douglas Dakota’s.
During D-Day he acted as Second in Command of the Airborne Invasion with No. 48 Squadron that also flew Dakota’s, pulling gliders.

During Market Garden he was shot down on September 17th 1944 while resupplying Polish Airborne troops. During this action he was wounded but successfully achieved his objective. For this he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. His citation reads;

“One morning in August 1944, Wing Commander Sproule led his squadron on a vital supply mission to France. While over the target his aircraft was hit by light anti- aircraft fire in many places. Although the aircraft had sustained much damage and the rudder was useless, a course was set for a landing ground which was safely reached. Almost as the aircraft touched down it collided against a tree.
Even so, a successful crash landing was effected. This officer displayed exceptional skill and great determination in the face of most adverse circumstances.”

In 1944 he was transferred from the RAF to the RCAF (Service number 89500). As Commander of No. 437 RCAF Squadron he also took part in the Rhine Crossing on March 24th 1945. He stayed with the RCAF until his retirement in 1969.

It's not every day you are offered the opportunity to own something so special from a WWII Pilot who flew on the very first raid over Germany in WWII. Even more rare is for that Pilot to also flew in combat on D-Day, and to be awarded the DFC for his bravery.

Code: 53671Price: 2500.00 GBP

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GENUINE!! 1957 Film Poster - 'REACH FOR THE SKY' - Douglas Bader

I have two of these large posters and they came to me direct from the States. Both have been folded and kept out of the daylight. So the colours are still as bright and vibrant as the day they were printed.

There are some repairable areas at one or two of the folds, but when professionally framed these will not be noticeable.
Believe me, these will look magnificent when framed and hung.

THESE ARE NOT REPRODUCTIONS. They are fully stamped by the various organisations involved in the release of "REACH FOR THE SKY".

You have my personal guarantee of their authenticity.

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SUPERB!! Pair of 'named' RAF 'Battle of Britain' 1939 Pattern Flying Boots - Size 8

The name is "L A LAFONE", not a common name so I'm sure that with some diligent research it might well be possible to identify their original owner/wearer.

In superb overall condition the right boot does show signs of * rudder rash *so often seen on period Flying Boots. Fully Ai Ministry stamped and in superb wearable condition.

*rudder rash* is a term I've coined to explain the small area of wear on the inside of RAF Flying Boots. This wear would have occurred due to repeated rubbing against the Aircraft rudder pedals. If you look at 'framed' Spitfire rudder pedals you will see what I mean.

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OUTSTANDING!! Pair of 'Battle of Britain' size 9 RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots - Air Ministry

As with the 1936 Pattern Boots shown below the leather of these boots is of the very highest quality.

They do carry their original Air Ministry 1939 stamps, showing their large size 9. The boots have been resoled and heeled, but these are authentic period repairs.

As below, these boots would polish up a dream and this is a job I quite enjoy doing (therapy) so if you'd prefer them polished I'd be delighted to do this for you.

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SUPERB QUALITY! Size 8 RAF 'Battle of Britain' 1936 Pattern Flying Boots

A pair of size 8 Flying Boots of exceptional quality. The leather is some of the best I've seen on this type of boot. The inner stitched/stamped labels on the pulls have all been removed for some reason. These would have shown the manufacturers details or Air Ministry stamp as well as the size, see boots above.

Other than the labels these are 100% authentic, just look at the tacked leather soles!! They are also very much wearable!

These boots would polish up a dream and this is a job I quite enjoy doing (therapy) so if you'd prefer them polished I'd be delighted to do this for you.

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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

The pictures shown in the next few listings show a small portion of my collection. These and many, many more rare items of Vintage Aviation Memorabilia will be going to Auction in the next eighteen months or so.

Paul Laidlaw (Laidlaw Auctioneers) and myself will be publicising the Auctions through the trade press and I will keep you updated through my website.

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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

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