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Desperately seeking a WWI "WARREN"/"TAUTZ" hard shell Flying Helmet, and an original "Escape" Knife from the 1943 Pattern RAF Flying Boots.

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As I'm writing this the British Pound Sterling is at its lowest rate for 31 Years!!


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OBSCURE!! RAF Officer's 'Jungle' Helmet

"Jungle Helmet" is the only way I can think of describing this highly unusual piece of RAF headwear.

It's worth pointing out that only when viewing my pictures did I then notice the feint lettering on the back of the helmet. At first I thought it was "C.O" but it might actually be "G.9"?? Perhaps those letters might help identify the location of where this hat was worn.

As can be seen, the helmet is made from wickerwork with leather taps and rivets securing the webbing headband and chin strap. There is a fair amount of corrosion to the buckle and an unmissable covering of verdigris on the badge fixings, which looks like bamboo and wire. The badge is a bronze/copper colour and is a very curious piece of insignia in itself. I can tell you the RAF Eagle is the exact same size of the standard cap badge Eagle.

Any thoughts??

All in all a very obscure item of RAF Headwear, not official issue but there may just be some images of this type of Helmet somewhere?

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ALMOST MINT!! 1943 RAF Officers Side Cap - with RARE Black Plastic Insignia

If you can find a better Wartime RAF Side Cap I'd be be very surprised, as this beauty is immaculate. Apart from a couple of tiny moth-nips this would be totally mint. These nips are barely noticeable but had to be mentioned.

Just look at the condition of not only the cap outer and exceptional liner, but also the black plastic RAF Officer Badge by "JRL of Birmingham". This very rare insignia is in MINT Condition!

The Cap is a size7 and has a London makers stamp, but I cannot quite make it out.

PLEASE NOTE; My pictures come nowhere near to doing this Cap justice.

A True WWII RAF Collectors Piece

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WANTED! Model of G.C Peter Townsend's Hurricane - Kings Cup Air Race 1950

What my pictures show here is the original Entry Form used by H.R.H Princess Margaret and her Pilot - Group Captain Peter Townsend C.V.O, D.S.O, D.F.C. Also shown is an original list of entrants for the actual race.

Handwritten by G.C Peter Townsend this is one unique piece of not only "Aviation" but also British "Social" History.

If I don't move this on I plan to have it framed and displayed with a model of "Last of the Many" PZ865, G-AMAU, King's Cup Air Race 1950 in the correct colour and markings as flown in the race.

Does anyone out there have such a model they'd be willing to sell/trade? Preferably 1/48th or a larger scale.

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OUTSTANDING!! Early Luftwaffe Pilot Wing - by B & N L. Berg and Nolte in Ludenscheid

An excellent early Luftwaffe Pilot Wing, made by B & NL "Berg and Nolte in Ludenscheid"

In magnificent, original condition, made from bunt metal and nickel. The crisp detail on this rarer Luftwaffe Wing is exeptional!! so please ask for my pictures to be forwarded so you can zoom in on this beautiful Wing.

Please note; The replica box is used solely for display purposes in my Museum and is not part of this sale.

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COMPLETE!! 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by SMF - ROSTFREI

A very tidy and 100% complete 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger.

This has seen dress wear but is still in excellent overall condition with positively no significant damage. It's not everday a Luftwaffe Dress Dagger comes with its original portepee and hangers exactly as worn.

The Dagger and Hangers are marked as they should be with the Daggers handle being its outstanding feature, a lovely dark coulour and very tight original wiring.

Code: 53608Price: 545.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! Luftwaffe Type I FKm Gravity Knife, (Fallschirmjäger-Messerby) by 'SMF' - 1937-1941

In great condition with only minimal signs of natural wear. There is a long 'scratch' into the blade, quite uncharacteristic of the knife, and it really does not detract from what is a superb looking example of this "non-takedown" Gravity Knife.....far better than my pictures show, and be assured, this will not disappoint!

The nickel plating is in great condition, as is the wooden handle. All original markings are matching and clear and all mechanisms are tight. The 'marlinspike' is in mint condition and doesn't look to have ever been used.

One of the finest examples of this rare WWII knife I've seen.

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VERY RARE!! WWI RNAS Pilot Wing - French made by 'FIX' in Solid Gold

As my picture shows I'm very fortunate to own a nice collection of WWI Private Purchase Pilot Wings as worn by the French/Allied Airmen of the period. Many of these beautiful Wings are featured on pages 350-351 of Philippe Bartlette's super publication of French Military Aeronautical Wings up to 1918.

A lot of these pre-1916 private purchase Wings were made by French jewellers "FIX".....this is the one and only example of the type of "FIX" Wing worn by Pilots of the Royal Naval Air Service in early WWI.

You can see from my comparative pictures the smaller size of this RNAS Wing in comparison to the French & USAS Wings made by "FIX". The Wing is made up in multi-part 'hollow' construction, similar to that of my 1914 RNAS Wing - Code: 53540. It is also exactly the same size.

PLEASE NOTE; A lot of these French Wings, Badges and Brooches have been copied and are sold as such by an American manufacturer. All of the badges shown in my collection are original period, pieces.

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I simply had to share these pictures with you. This is three year old Dylan Davison on his visit to my Museum this morning. I only recently acquired the Uniform from the States so his Family's visit couldn't have been better timed.

Just look at the tiny gloves and integral leather Flying Boots, have you ever seen anything so awesome!!

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