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1941 'American' RAF Wall Plaque - Bomber Harris appointed Head of RAF Delegation to the USA

I have owned this plaque for a few years now. I have discussed, and meticulously researched the date 27th May 1941 and can come up with only one conclusion. This large carved plaque has a distinct "American" look to it and I'm now convinced this was made for 'Bomber' Harris' US Office to commemorate the following........

On the 27th May 1941 (acting) Air Marshal Arthur "Bomber" Harris was appointed Head of RAF Delegation to the USA, Head of British Air Staff - Washington. This was of course prior to him becoming AOC-in-C of RAF Bomber Command in February 1942.

In his role as Head of the RAF Delegation in Washington "Bomber" Harris was primarily responsible buying aircraft and arranging pilot training. He arrived in June 1941 and 10 days later found himself conferring with President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House after Nazi Germany, on June 22, invaded the Soviet Union.

New pictures will be taken but you can see my original pictures on Code; 52547

I firmly believe this to be a very significant and highly unique item of WWII Memorabilia.

Code: 53433Price: 575.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! WWII SAAF Silver Pilot Wing

A rare Wing in beautiful condition with perfect 'gouache' enamel.

Code: 53431Price: 60.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! WWII SAAF Silver Aircrew Wing

A rare Wing in beautiful condition with perfect 'gouache' enamel.

Code: 53432Price: 60.00 GBP

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IMMACULATE!! Pair of Luftwaffe 'Channel' Pants - RARE 'sand' colour

Describing these as "MINT" would almost be an understatement. The condition of these original Luftwaffe Channel Pants is simply breathtaking, and neither words nor pictures could ever do them justice!

Complete with their original suspenders these are as complex a piece of Flying Clothing as you will see.

Pictures and details to follow


Code: 53430Price: On Request

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VERY RARE!! RAF 1941 'Mae West' Inflation Lever & Cylinder

Probably THE most elusive piece of original WWII RAF Flying Kit.

In all my years of collecting I've only ever seen a handful of these come on to the market. This beauty just happens to be one of the very best examples I've seen....Air Ministry stamped and complete with the 'necked' cylinder.

This has been used so is inert and contains no Co2. I can therefore send this to international destinations.

Code: 53429Price: 650.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! Pre/Wartime' 616 Squadron Badge - 'TANGMERE WING'

This is a mint condition 'KINGS CROWN' blazer/flight suit badge for the legendary 616 Squadron - Bader, Dundas, Johnson, Smith - 'The Tangmere Wing', "Baders Bus Company".

Made by "Tootal" and still in its original "Pyramid" box, uncut and immaculate!

Made from the very finest Silk & Bullion Threads, the quality of manufacture is incredible.

This is also the perfect addition to display with the two original Sir Alan Smith items shown below.


Code: 53427Price: 565.00 GBP

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Two HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT!! Wartime items to Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - SPITFIRE Fighter 'ACE' & Douglas Bader's Wingman

This is a once in lifetime opportunity to own two wonderful personal items from the estate of Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - WWII Spitfire Fighter Ace.....a very significant part of the story of the Royal Air Force in World War Two!

I acquired these two items very recently. I don't think the vendor realised the incredible significance of the previous owner.....Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* , so therefore was selling them separately. I decided to buy them to keep them together.

1942 CZECH AIR FORCE AWARD from no less than A.V.M JANOUSEK himself!!

1940-1943 Large autographed Tankard from D.A.F.L

This and the next listing show both items. They will only be sold together.

Code: 53428Price: 1450.00 GBP

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Two HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT!! Wartime items to Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* - SPITFIRE Fighter 'ACE' & Douglas Bader's Wingman

Born just twenty miles from our Museum in South Shields, Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC* was one quarter of "Dogsbody" the four man Spitfire Wing incorporating Douglas Bader, 'Cocky' Dundas and 'Johnnie' Johnson.

One morning in mid-March 1941 Britain’s most famous airman Douglas Bader walked into the dispersal hut at RAF Tangmere in Sussex and hand-picked the man he wanted to be his wingman.
That man was Alan Smith, a sergeant pilot who became a fighter “ace” and was the last surviving member of a famed wing that consisted of himself, Bader, Johnnie Johnson and “Cocky” Dundas.

Recalling the moment Bader first laid eyes on him, Smith once told an interviewer: “He got his eyes on me and said ‘What’s your name?’ “‘Smith, sir,’ I said. ‘Right you’ll do, fly as my number two and God help you if you let any Hun get on my tail.’”Smith never did. Although Bader was captured by the Germans five months later, Smith was not in the air on that fateful day in August. He had been grounded due to a bout of flu.
Following his hectic spell with 616, Smith served as a fighter instructor, and in June 1942 was attached to the USAAF’s 31st Fighter Group to convert the Americans to fly the Spitfire.

These two items relate to that period, and were awarded to Alan Smith at that time.

Code: 53426Price: 1450.00 GBP

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VERY RARE!! Cast Aluminium Door Plaque - RAF Cranwell Technical College

Reputedly from a main entrance at RAF Cranwell, but I have no way of proving or disproving this claim. However, adorned with a Kings Crown there aren't too many alternative's.

Measuring 10" tall this is a stunning casting which has then been highly polished.

Code: 53425Price:

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RAF Plaques - Size & Scale

I've added these pictures to provide a true representation of the size of the large RAF Plaques recently listed.

The "standard" smaller WWII RAF Plaques measure 7" tall.

Code: 53424Price: On Request

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