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UNUSUAL!! RAF 'PATHFINDER' Vintage Bullion Breast Badges

A couple of vintage badges I've never come across before. Does anyone have any knowledge of these?

Code: 53018Price: On Request

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MEGA RARE!! RAF Gun Camera with 'replica' Vickers 'K' Gun

This 12V G45 Gun Camera was actually used with this Vickers 'K' Gun Type 29 Mount during WWII. They aren't a 'put together'.

This is one of the very best exhibits in my Museum and not one I'm keen to sell, but 'needs must' when it comes to fund raising for the Museum.

Any reasonable offer will be considered...bombphoons@hotmail.com

Code: 53017Price: On Request

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MATCHED PAIR! Royal Flying Corps & Royal Air Force Car Badges by J.R Gaunt

Two superb example of the original J.R Gaunt Car Badges of both the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force.

These display beautifully together as both are in such excellent condition and both show the same amount of wear.

Code: 53016Price: 340.00 GBP

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EXCELLENT!! Original USAAF Officers Visor Cap by 'LUXEMBURG'

A gorgeous fur-felt Cap by "Luxemburg". As you can see from my pictures the whole Cap is extremely flexible and in some peoples books it might be called a "true crusher". However the leather bill isn't the thin leather one piece "crusher" bill so I'm reluctant to call this a "true crusher" even though the bill is very soft.

A great size 7.5 and in very wearable condition. There are a few very faint moth nibbles which can barely be seen at all and there are two small holes, one at the rear and one under the crown. These do not detract from what is one of the better USAAF Visor Caps I've had in some time.

The bill shows great patination and genuine wear. It is soft and very flexible with no cracks to the supple leather.

Code: 53015Price: 250.00 GBP

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SUPERB!! Pair of Luftwaffe 'Splitterschutzbrille' Flying Goggles - Nitsche & Gunther

A first class pair of Luftwaffe Anti-Splinter (Splitterschutzbrille) Flying Goggles.

All original and complete with their case and original card liner. The case still has approximately 95% of its original paint finish

The headband has had a repair but is still elasticated in the elastic central section. The clear lenses are in fantastic condition, so perfect for display or possible wear.

Not maker marked but I guarantee these are 100% original and are not a pair of those cheap and nasty Czech made replicas often sold as "I don't know if these are original."

Please ask for any further pictures to be sent to your email address for closer scrutiny. I'll be happy to oblige.

Code: 53014Price: 650.00 GBP

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Code: 53013Price: 85.00 GBP

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RAF FERRY COMMAND - Original Tunic Buttons

I did consider selling these separately but as this is a rare complete set for a Tunic it didn't seem right splitting them.

Code: 53012Price: 280.00 GBP

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RAF FERRY COMMAND - Silver Lapel Badge

EXCELLENT! Untouched Condition!

Code: 53011Price: 200.00 GBP

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EXCELLENT! Untouched Condition!

Code: 53010Price:

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RAF TRANSPORT COMMAND - Solid Silver Menu Holders

VERY SCARCE Transport Command Memorabilia

Code: 53009Price: 320.00 GBP

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