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SUPER RARE!! 1916 RFC Pilot combined Compass & Wristwatch

Fully hallmarked for 1916 this combined Compass and black dialled 'Wristlet' is a rare as they come!

Code: 53558Price: On Request

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UNIQUE!! 1913 'Trench Art' Royal Flying Corps Pocket Watch Fob

When was the last time you saw a piece of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia dated 1913? Unfortunately, unlike some, none of the items I find ever come with handwritten labels providing "authentication" :-).......so proving a piece such as this is 'of the period' can neer be done. Authenticity on such a unique item can only be based on opinion. I've shown this to a number of people and the authenticity has never been questioned.

So, if you decide to buy this (as I did) and on receipt you have a tiny doubt into its authenticity, send it back....pretty simple really.

My opinion? I'm as confident as I can be that this is an original, period piece.

Code: 53557Price: 350.00 GBP

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EXCLUSIVE!! Private Purchase RAF/USAAF WWII Flying Boots by 'HARRODS'!!

Possibly modelled on the zip fronted 1940 Pattern RAF Flying Boots, these are so very, very special!!

The shape and overall design of these boots leads me to think they could well have been commissioned by, and made for a USAAF/Eagle Squadron Pilot, as they do have a distinctive American look to them.

The condition is exceptional, and these could easily be worn today. The sheepskin lining is missing in small areas but the leather is just about perfect.

Size - 10.5 UK

Code: 53556Price: 725.00 GBP

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MEGA RARE!! Original RAF Btype Flying Helmet bakelite receiver cups & blanks.

At first glance these seem quite insignificant pieces of kit, but this is the only original pair of early Bakelite receiver cups and blanks I've ever seen on the market. Any experienced collector of Military Flying Helmets will know just how 'special' these are.

You can buy soft rubber replica receiver cups for a Btype Flying Helmet, but if you own a rare early Btype Flying Helmet such as the one below, then these are the only way to complete that Helmet with full authentication.

Other than storage age these are absolutely perfect with no stress cracks or fractures. Also, the blanking plates still 'snap' into the receiver cups.

Code: 53555Price: 280.00 GBP

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COMPLETELY ORIGINAL!! Untouched, Early Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet

As original a Battle of Britain Btype Flying Helmet as you will find anywhere. Never added-to, cleaned, polished, fed, restored or repaired. The sale is for the original Helmet as found, the Air Ministry "Gosports" and Receiver Cushions can be bought separately.

Based on experience in handling Btype Flying Helmets I'm very confident that this is a mid/late 1930's/pre-War Btype. The '22C/66' stamp on the zipped receiver cover is definitely very early. The Helmet's shape and heavy padding to the crown are also tell-tale signs of a pre-War RAF Flying Helmet. There are no labels or stamps indicating a size, but I'd guess around a 2-3.

This Battle of Britain Btype simply oozes character, it does show genuine wear but no significant damage.

PLEASE NOTE: This Btype doesn't have receiver cups fitted, hence the picturing with "Gosports". However I am offering a very rare pair of early bakelite Cups with their original blanking plates above. These come from my personal collection, have never been on the market before and are perfect for this particular Helmet.

Code: 53554Price: 450.00 GBP

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These are just some of the recent enquiries I've received from customers I'm unable to immediately fulfil. If you have something to fit the bill and you no longer collect that field or is surplus to your own collection, please let me know.

Ever since I sold a genuine signature of 'Paddy' Finucane four years ago I've had numerous requests asking if I can find another.

In excellent condition

"I am looking for an chest parachute harness of the Luftwaffe (previously first type without quick release box, but also 2nd type with box)"

" First World War Collector, principally of Welsh related uniforms, ephemera and insignia" Specifically looking for Welsh attributed RFC Airman Maternity Tunic.

EE LIGHTNING - 226 OCU Book by Gordon Moulds
Wanted by a Pilot/Student on the Lightning OCU (226 OCU) from Oct 1968 to Mar 1969

I do have many more enquiries for the items such as TypeD & TypeE Oxygen Masks etc. etc. So if you have surplus quality items of Aviation Memorabilia please get in touch, especially if you've seen something on my website you'd like. I'm always willing to trade, part-ex items from my site, especially if I have a customer waiting for what you have.

Please use; bombphoons@hotmail.com

Thanks, Ian

Code: 53553Price: On Request

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VERY RARE!! Original Polish Air Force silver 307 Squadron Badge

Please note; this is not a mass produced copy made yesterday. Most likely made for a 307 Squadron Veteran this is an original, jeweller made item of Polish Air Force Insignia.

You will see an identical 307 Squadron badge being used on the excellent website http://www.polishsquadronsremembered.com/307/307_losses.html by Wilhelm Ratuszynski.

No. 307 (City of Lwów) Polish Night Fighter Squadron (Polish: 307 Dywizjon Myśliwski Nocny "Lwowskich Puchaczy" ) was a Polish night fighter squadron formed in Great Britain on 24 August 1940 following an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom. It was the only Polish night fighter squadron fighting alongside the Royal Air Force during World War II. 307 Squadron is named after the Polish city of Lwów, and nicknamed "Eagle Owls", hence the badge design.

Code: 53550Price: 380.00 GBP

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UNISSUED!! Original Mid-War Type E* RAF Oxygen Mask

Complete with ALL fittings, in immaculate condition and including the original mint/wrapped Type48 Microphone Assembly.

Please Note; The blanking plate on the TypeE* Oxygen Mask is very difficult to remove, so if you require the Microphone to be fitted please let me know. I haven't done this as I know some of you will want to use this Mask with a first pattern externally wired Flying Helmet.....whatever your requirements are just let me know as I have first pattern Flying Helmets & Looms in stock to complete an early War set-up.

Code: 53548Price:

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Help Identifying German Ring Maker?.....

Please refer to German Eagle Ring - Code; 53448

The world of collecting can throw up the most incredible coincidences....I recently listed an exquisite German Eagle Head Ring which carries a makers stamp of "RD". Well, one of my German customers contacted me to show me a "Deaths Head" ring in his collection. This too is marked "RD" and 'long story short', I managed to prise it from his grasp.

My question is; Does anyone else out there own such pieces marked "RD"?

This "Deaths Head" ring also has the initial "W" engraved on the inside and below the "RD" is a mark which looks like the circular Swastika you would see on the pommel of a 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger.

Code: 53547Price: On Request

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STUNNING!! Original Luftwaffe Spanish Cross with Swords Miniature Award

A beautiful piece of original "CONDOR LEGION" 1930's German 'Jewellery'.

The detailing in this stick pin is exceptional, second to none!

Undoubtedly made in silver and in a tooled leather stick pin box which has helped maintain its condition for over seventy years.

Code: 53546Price: 185.00 GBP

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