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MAGNIFICENT!! WWII Free French Pilot Wing in Bullion - 'Clostermann'

A very special WWII Wing of the Free French Air Force.

Original Free French Pilot Wings with the Cross of Lorraine rarely come on to the market, I give my personal guarantee on the authenticity of this Wing.

Code: 53635Price: On Request

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ORIGINAL!! WWII White Metal RNZAF Pilot Wing

Code: 53634Price: 160.00 GBP

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VERY RARE!! Original 1943 Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force 'TANKBUSTER' Pilot Wing

A very rare Pilot Wing as worn by the ACI - "Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana". The ACI was formed in southern Italy in October 1943 after the Italian Armistice in September of that year. By this point the Italians had defected from the Axis and had declared war on Germany, the ACI pilots then flew for the Allies.

The crews of the ACI were re-equipped with Allied aircraft and engaged in transport, escort, reconnaissance, sea rescue, and limited tactical ground support operations flying 11,000 missions from 1943 to 1945.

Please note the term "limited tactical ground support operations"......these ACI "Tankbuster" Wings rarely appear on the market.

Code: 53633Price: 245.00 GBP

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SUPERB & COMPLETE!! Early War USAAF Personal 'Pocket' Luftwaffe ID Kit

I have never seen anything like this.....scroll through the pictures slowly until you come to image No. 8....incredible isn't it?

I've stated "early war" because of the lack of late WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft in this group, ie: Me262 etc.

Not only is this incredibly rare, it is complete and all models are in mint condition! The box shows wear but the Aircraft are perfect!

The information supplied with this is that it was used by USAAF Fighter Pilots and Air Gunners as their own personal ID Kit of Luftwaffe Aircraft. The detailing in the models gives me no reason to think this was not correct. The fact it has survived in this condition is incredible.

A unique addition to any collection of WWII ID Models!

Code: 53632Price: 475.00 GBP

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Translation required - Can you help me with this?

My pictures show engraving in a text I don't recognise, so therefore cannot easily have it translated. I'd really appreciate any assistance in translation.

I've made an attempt at handwriting the text in the hope it might help.

As can be seen, this is an identical WMF piece to Code: 53157 & 53174. An "Award" identical to that presented to Manfred Von Richthofen.

Code: 53631Price: On Request

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ULTRA RARE! 1940 Polish Air Force Cap Badge - further pictures & details

I've received a number of requests for further information on this badge.........to confirm, it is definitely aluminium and not lead.

The standard PAF Cap Badge weighs 11 grammes

This aluminium PAF Cap Badge weighs 5 grammes

Also note from my extra pictures, the lugs are a cast part of the badge itself. The lead badge had wire lugs fitted post-casting.

It has been suggested to me that this aluminium variant proved too fragile around the lugs, this would explain why there has never been another example found. If the aluminium lugs fractured during wear the badges would have simply been destroyed and replaced with the lead variant. All of this occurring prior to the "mass manufacture" in the UK post-1940. This is simply a theory and not guaranteed fact, however it does seem highly feasible.

I certainly welcome any further information/theories on this highly unique Polish Air Force Cap Badge.

I am now looking at pricing this rarity, but am open to offers.

Code: 53630Price: On Request

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ULTRA RARE! 1940 Polish Air Force Cap Badge

This is possibly the rarest of all PAF Cap Badges I've owned!

Made in Blackpool in 1940 and cast in aluminium!

Over the years I've been very fortunate to have found a number of extremely rare items of WWII Polish Air Force insignia. I was (and still am) very excited to have found my French made Polish Pilot Wing (52542), but this piece of cast aluminium made my pulse race just as fast.....other than in a book I have never seen another example of this 1940 Cap Badge!

There is no doubting this was cast from a similar die to the more regularly seen PAF Cap Badge, but there are some differences in detail. Look on the reverse and you will see the embossed.."BLACKPOOL"....."XII"......"1940"
You can also see the integral Lugs for the cotter pin.

Some years back I owned and sold a gold plastic PAF Cap Badge (STANLEY), I believe this tops even that PAF Cap Badge.

This is a very fragile item of insignia, and as you can see from my pictures, there are some stress fractures in the casting. It's therefore no surprise that this is the one and only example I've ever come across.

Code: 53629Price: On Request

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UNIQUE!! RAF Invasion Campaign Plaque - Second Tactical Air Force, post D-Day

Large handpainted plaque measuring 41cms high by 31cms high.

On this occassion I can quite definitely state..."Find me Another".

Code: 53628Price: 650.00 GBP

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VERY RARE!! WWII French Presentation Item to the Allied Air Forces 1940-1945

PLEASE NOTE; This is not a commercially made piece, These stunning ashtray's were specifically made as presentation gifts from the French People/Government to Officer's of The Allied Air Forces in World War II. The very heavy, high grade carat gold plating emphasises the unique nature of this item.

The design depicts the heavy allied bombing campaign and destruction of Berlin by the image of the "smashed Swastika"!

This has the design (DEPOSE) number of 3707 and is only the second example I've ever found.....this should not be missed.

Code: 53627Price: 285.00 GBP

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C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!! Wonderful item of 1930's French 'Art Deco' Aviation Memorabilia

A beautiful 1930's French Desk Top piece in gorgeous, untouched condition.

Very much in an "Art Deco, Geometric" style, this is a truly awesome piece of 1930's French Aviation Memorabilia. Still with its original ink wells (with dried ink), this is completely authentic, with lovely aged patination to the wood.

The condition could be described as almost perfect with no damage at all to the base, inkwell stands or the Aircraft.

Seeing these high-end French Aviation pieces sell for very high prices when they occassionaly appear at auction, ensures these are very much investments for the future.

Je' t'Aime!!

Code: 53626Price: 620.00 GBP

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