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INCREDIBLE! Pair of 1936 Pattern Flying Boots of Battle of Britain Pilot

This is the first of two pairs of 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots,....this pair were worn by Wing Commander Hugh Charles Kennard - Battle of Britain Pilot.

For the past twenty years or so these Boots have been in the private collection of a Commander of the US Navy Reserve. I'm extremely fortunate that these have now come into my posession.

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ORIGINAL! Air Ministry 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots - With Amazing 'Secret Agent' History!!

This is the second of two pairs of 1936 Pattern RAF Flying Boots, and these come with a handwritten note of their WWII wearer....Flt. Lt. J.V.J Gwinn......RAF "Secret Agent".

I say "Secret Agent" as that is exactly how Flt Lt. Johnny Gwinn is described in the accompanying press cuttings from 1946 and 1982.

EVENING TELEGRAPH, Wednesday April 7th 1982

"During the War, he carried out a number of operations as a secret agent behind enemy lines, working with French and Polish resistance groups.
And he earned a number of foreign decorations for his exploits."

After the War, John Gwinn went on to work with Amnesty International and the International Red Cross, "Wartime secret agent John Gwinn is still fighting for freedom - working to help political prisoners all over the world."

THE GUARDIAN - 10th September 1946

"Flight Lieutenant J.V.J Gwinn of Ilford, who flew on operations and who, as a secret agent, parachuted over the continent on many occassions." "Special Duties Squadrons parachuted secret agents and supplies to 'reception committees of the French underground."

For the past twenty years or so these Boots have been in the private collection of a Commander of the US Navy Reserve. I'm extremely fortunate that these have now come into my posession.

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Trying to identify the background to this RAF Group with Horsa Glider

A bit like a "needle in a hastack" I know, but this picture could help identify the recipient of my Polish Medal Group - Code's 52920 & 52004.

I purchased the medals from an elderly Gentleman three years ago. Initially I was informed they were awarded to an Air Gunner of 302 (City of Poznan) Squadron, but as 302 Sqn only ever flew single seat Fighters I feared that was a case of 'Chinese whispers'. Sadly the Gentleman I bought these from is in very poor health, and in his move to a care home he came across this one picture.

The picture shows a large group of RAF personel together with a number of Civilian workers. In the centre of the picture there are a number of RAF Pilots, the one I'm hoping to identify is the Polish Pilot, sat alongside a Pilot of the Glider Regiment.

In the background, an Airspeed Horsa Glider.

I have to think such a picture is none too common with RAF & Civilian personel in the same picture. It might therefore follow that this is a more significane picture relating to the Horsa Glider?
I know it's a long shot, but does anyone out there own, or know of a similiar image anywhere?

If the Polish Pilot could be identified, and further research showed that he was awarded the group I own, then this would be an outstanding 'result'.

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SUPERB!! WWII RAF Coastal Command Flying Helmet, Oxygen Mask & Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Please see Code: 53192 for further pictures and description of this Coastal Command Flying Helmet.

The Htype Oxygen Mask is the perfect match for the white Coastal Command Flying Helmet, it even has a white leather tab for the poppers to attach to the Helmet. This is completely original and quite a rarity! As can be seen this is identical to a Wartime pattern Htype Oxygen Mask. It has the correct large microphone, large rectangular plug and most importantly the brown chamois lining. The mask is dated for 1950 but is perfect for this display.

The TypeG 'anti-glare' Sunglasses are correctly stamped 22C/1398 and are in first class (wearable) condition.

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FULLY WORKING!! WWII Hawker Typhoon Gunsight

A very good example of the recognised MkII Reflector Gunsight used for the firing of Rockets from the Hawker Typhoon and other Rocket firing Fighter Bombers of the RAF during WWII.

All components are fully operational. The front pad has deteriorated with age but is the orginal. These can be purchased elsewhere if you wanted to replace it.

This example has been made to work. By adding three tripleA batteries the Gunsight can be shown with the smaller aiming ring in operation.

An really excellent description of the Beamont Modification is given on this "WAR THUNDER" website link ;


Please note; The listing is for the Gunsight only. The stand is used on my other Hawker Typhoon Gunsight in my "Beamont Display".

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EXCELLENT! Early to Mid-War RAF Pilot Headset

This is a first class set-up from the earlier years of WWII.

The 1st Pattern Ctype is a very early example, shown by just the two poppers and Goggle Strap configuration. It is a large size, and that is down to an extra leather panel having been added. I give my personal gaurantee that this is a period fitting which has probably been tailored to accomodate a specific Airman. The extra panel is NOT someone's recent attempt to make a small Helmet large for wearing purposes.

The type G Oxygen Mask is fully wired for the early Ctype and is also the early dark green/textured rubber type. There is some deterioration (as expected) around the nose area but as you can see, this is still a first class TypeG Mask on display

The MkVII Flying Goggles are really good condition with 90% of the original paint in place, and solid lenses, some delamination but nothing too bad.

The whole display is accurate for the early/mid War period, and I hope you will agree, it certainly looks the business.

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EARLY! 1943 RAF Battledress Blouse- Complete with Pilot Wing - Medal Ribbon & W/O Insignia - Size 14!

Completely original, never messed with and no mothing!

A really nice genuine mid-War Royal Air Force Battledress Blouse in an excellent large size. There is some loose stitching at the waistband, a relatively simple repair.

Made by Montagu Burton of Leeds, an early BD clearly dated and stamped for 1943.

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BOXED!! WWII Avro Lancaster Identification Model by 'WORCRAFT'


One of the rarest items I've seen in the world of WWII Aircraft Recognition.

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This Helmet has been restored, please refer to Code 53247 for its pre-restoration condition.

Thanks to a very special friend & customer I can now sell this Helmet together with actual pictures of a Westland Helmet in full operational use. The accompanying pictures show Westland Test Pilot (W.H 'slim' Sear) carrying a Mk1a helmet with the same colour scheme.

W.H. "Slim" Sear, OBE, AFRAes, was Chief test pilot of Westland Aircraft from 1952 until 1967. "Slim" Sear went to Westland after flying with the RAF and the Royal Navy and graduating from the ETPS and was responsible for the development and production flight testing of all the company's rotary-wing aircraft during his tenure. He played a prominent part in developing the all-weather and anti-submarine capabilities of the Wessex and was closely associated with the development of turbine types.

He was responsible for flight development on the Westminster which was, at that time, the UK's largest helicopter and, latterly, the anti-submarine Wessex Mk 3. He received an OBE in 1963 in recognition of his flight test work.

Please remember, this rare Helmet is the previous MkI 'Bonedome' Helmet and has been restored as such.

This historic display has now been completed with the addition of a period Gtype Flying Helmet and tinted MkVIII Flying Goggles. Neither of these are original to the Helmet, along with the pictures they will be supplied as part of the sale but are added for display purposes only.

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US ARMY AIR FORCE 'Quartermasters' - Superbly Carved Wooden Wall Plaque

An exquisitely carved large wooden plaque commemorating the role of USAAF Quartermasters in WWII.

An extremely unique piece of USAAF History!


182 - Q.M 1135

Code: 53285Price: 350.00 GBP

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