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Put simply, this Type G Oxygen Mask is as good as they come - and is 100% Complete!

I had visitors arrive at my Museum just as I started to take these pictures. I will be adding more, better pictures in due course.

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OUTSTANDING!! Latest Museum Display - WWI USAAS Leather Flying Coat & Helmet

I thought I'd share these images of a superb "SPALDING" Flying Coat & Helmet dating from 1917.

Rare item's of WWI Flying Clothing in themselves, but all the more remarkable is the fact they come fully (family) provenanced and documented.

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WORKING!! Japanese Fighter Pilot 'SEIKOSHA' Clock - Army/Navy Pilot

I'd love to have this Clock repaired but no longer have access to my now retired clock man. Can you recommend anyone?

It's only my opinion but I think that no Japanese Pilot mannequin looks 100% complete without his "SEIKOSHA" Cockpit Clock hung around his neck.

This is quite an unusual example of the iconic Seikosha Clock, as it carries the Army issue metal plate but was painted in Navy grey.

The great news is that clock is still in working order, the balance is fine, PLUS, it also has the oft-missing brass dust plate which protected the mechanism. However the clock will require a clean and service to have it fully operating smoothly. At the same time the screws which hold the brass plate and winding bezel will need replacing as they are missing.

Another piece of good news is that the clocks number stamps are 100% matching, this is exactly as it was made and has not been tampered with.

There is general wear to the paint but the dial is in exceptional condition with almost 100% of the lume paint still on the dual. There are no cracks or chips to the crystal.

So if (unlike me) you have access to a competent clock/watch repairs then this very rare clock is for you. Having said that, it still displays as good as it ever could and looks superb when displayed on a Japanese Fighter Pilot Mannequin.

So if you do know of a good clock guy in the UK, could you please let me know.

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UNIQUE!! Solid Silver Short Sunderland Flying Boat - Fully Hallmarked!

Unpolished and in need of some restoration to propeller blades and float struts.

This rare piece would look amazing with just a simple clean.

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MAGNIFICENT!! Pair of 1939 Dated '1939 Pattern' Battle of Britain Flying Boots

Untouched - unpolished, but still immaculate...and dated 1939!

Size 7.

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SUPER RARE!!---MINT!! Pair of WWII 'Bedgood' Flying Boots - Brown

I've never seen a pair of WWII Flying Boots in such immaculate condition. These have barely been worn and this can be seen by the mint stitching throughout.

Not to be missed!!

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GENUINE!! Air Crew Europe Star trio to RAF Typhoon Pilot

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GUARANTEED ORIGINAL!! WWII Battle of Britain Poster

Perhaps THE most iconic image reproduced from the Battle of Britain. However this poster is the real thing and very, very rare.

I acquired the poster from the States. It is a "War souvenir" which was taken home and linen backed for preservation.

I will supply a personal, lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with the poster.

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Period Signed Hawker Typhoon Print - Gloster Aircraft Company

From my personal Hawker Typhoon Collection

Please see Codes - 53098 & 52864 for details of the incredible history of this unique wartime Frank Wooton print from 1945.

This is an exciting, and highly unique item of Hawker Typhoon History, the likes of which you and I will never see again.

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Silver Hawker Typhoon Paperwieight - Gloster Aircraft Company

From my personal Hawker Typhoon Collection

I've checked everywhere for a silver hallmark and there isn't one, so I assume this is (very heavily) silver plated.

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