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VERY INTRUIGING!! WWI RFC 'Victory Trophy' - 12 Hole Propeller Hub?

Up until recently this piece of WWI Aviation Memorabilia was rotting away in a barn, caked in all kinds of gunk. Fortunately someone had the foresight to rescue and sell it. When I bought this it was in dreadful condition, but now just look at it!!

Two weeks ago a wreck but now, a really beautiful piece of Propeller "Trench Art"....However, I now need to identify the possible source of this Propeller and Hub Mounting Plate before moving it on to its next home.
As you can see, the plate has twelve mounting holes. There are no marks, stamps or scribbling to help put a date or manufacturer to it.

I'm assuming the purpose of the piece was to adorn the walls of a Squadron Room.....a "Victory Trophy"??.. but what from?

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IMMACULATE, COMPLETE & BOXED!! RAF MkIIA 'Bonedome' Flying Helmet & Oxygen Mask.

A stunning example of the very scarce white RAF MkIIA Flying Helmet from the early Jet-Age.

This wonderful 1967 Flying Helmet comes complete in its foam lined transit box (with keys) and with various accessories; Full typed instructions, rare external Oxygen Mask plug, NOS 80% tinted Visor, Visor cover.

This is a "Museum Quality" MkIIA. The Helmet is immaculate both inside and out, as are all the external fittings.

Displays like a dream and Impossible to upgrade!

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VERY RARE! Original WWI Visor Cap - ROYAL NAVAL AIR SERVICE Chief Petty Officer

I don't think there's anything I can, or need to say about this WWI RNAS Cap. The pictures speak for themselves.

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100% GENUINE!! Named Battle of Britain Pilot Officer's Visor Cap

A superb piece of original Battle of Britain history!

First time on the market in 30 years as the previous owner (Squaddie in the Tank Regiment) bought this at an auction near to Bovington Camp nr. Blandford in 1984.

C W S Crabbe 91027 - 913 (County of Warwick) Balloon Squadron - Auxiliary Air Force

One of those 'finds' which came as a complete surprise to me. As can sometimes happen, this RAF Officers Visor was bought online with no mention of the name.

The Cap is named to C W S Crabbe 91027 and my initial research shows him to have been acting Pilot Officer in August 1939. He then went through the ranks to achieve the rank of Squadron Leader in 1945.

I'm 100% satisfied this is not one of those items with a name added later so I am more than happy to provide a letter of provenance with this Cap.

Made by "AUSTIN REED", The shape of this Cap, the softness and sweat stains in the "Roan Leather" sweatband all point to this Cap having long and extensive use.....EVERYTHING IS RIGHT about this Battle of Britain Officers Cap.

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This stunning miniature of the Schneider Trophy is a recent acquisition and I'm now trying to ascertain its full history.

After my initial research and meticulous inspection of the piece by myself and others, I'm confident this is an original, period silver plated bronze. I'm also quite satisfied this is still in its original manufactured condition.

This was acquired by me on the premise it is one of a small production run, and that these very sculptures were then presented to every member of the winning 1931 Schneider Trophy Team. I'm now trying to put some meat of the bones of this, can you help?

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MINT!! Original RFC Mess Dress Pilot Wing in 1918 RFC Silver Case

An original 'hollow back' two-piece RFC Pilot Wing in immaculate condition with full gilding. It's worth noting the two extra 'vent' holes at the base of the Crown, I've never seen this before......
.....You'd be very hard pushed to find a finer example of this rare Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wing!

The Wing comes displayed in a beautiful hallmarked case in solid silver. The makers mark is "JB&Co."
The case is monogrammed "IM" or "MI". It is dated 17th February 1918 and also carries the name "Gyl". There is more than enough information here to possibly identify the owner!

I'm sure you will agree, this is an outstanding RFC Display Piece!

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EXQUISITE!! Royal Flying Corps Tie Pin - Platinum, 15Ct Gold & 48 Diamonds

This is the crème de la crème in Aviation Jewellery. Without doubt the most exquisite piece RFC adornment in my Museum.

Seen from a short distance this pin sparkles and shines, but seen under a jewellers loupe you can see just how amazing this pin is. As a rough calculation it is made up from a minimum of 60 different components.

A true jewellers piece with positively no expense spared in its making. The main body and pin are all in 15 carat yellow gold. Each wing has 24 diamonds set into platinum mounts. That's 48 white diamonds in total!

The wreath has translucent green enamel and the crown is in red enamel with the "RFC" in opaque white. All of the enamelling is 100% perfect.

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100% GENUINE! WWII USAAF 'Crusher' Cap by 'KNOX'

There can be no doubt this is an actual '50 Mission' "CRUSHER" Cap, THE iconic Cap of the USAAF in World War Two.

From the very flexible one-piece leather visor to the ability to stick this in your pocket, no-one can question the validity of this Cap as a "true crusher".

Experts in the USAAF Crusher will recognise that this is completely original throughout.

One repair to the top and the internal protective cover is loose do not detract from this awesome piece of original USAAF History.

NOTE: The term "Crusher" has incorrectly become a generic term for USAAF Visor Caps and many standard Caps are incorrectly sold as "Crushers". Many are sold with their stiffener removed to 'give the look'.
A genuine "Crusher" was made to fit into an Airman's pocket and this includes the thin leather visor.

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MAGNIFICENT!! 1930's Battle of Britain - Luftwaffe Leather Fliegerkombi

One of the finest, and rarest items of genuine Luftwaffe Flying Clothing in my Museum.

This is the early 1930's pattern Luftwaffe Fliegerkombi, the type guaranteed to have been worn in the early years of WWII, the Battle of Britain and The Blitz. The lining has seen better days but the leather is truly exceptional! No patching, scuffing, repairs or stitching, and ALL original "ZIPP" zips work beautifully. The majority of leather tabbed "ZIPP" pullers are in place but are missing from the right arm and both ankles, so have been replaced with wire pullers.

PLEASE NOTE; I will be re-picturing this Suit on a second listing as current pictures do not show the Suit at its best.

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