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EXCEPTIONAL!! Mid-Late 1930's, Pre-War/Battle of Britain Irvin Jacket - 151 Squadron Hurricane Fighter Pilot

This is one truly exceptional Irvin Flying Jacket. Made by Irvin Airchute of Letchworth in 1938/1939.

151 Squadron was reformed on August the 4th 1936 at RAF North Weald from 'B' Flight of 56 Squadron, as a Fighter Squadron, flying Gloster Gauntlets. In December 1938 these were exchanged for Hawker Hurricanes, when the squadron came under Squadron Leader Edward Mortlock Donaldson. It operated throughout the Second World War, flying with Hawker Hurricanes, Boulton Paul Defiants and later de Havilland Mosquitoes, disbanding on 10 October 1946 at RAF Weston Zoyland.

This exceptional, early Irvin Jacket has been in the collection of a good friend of mine in the States for the past 40+ years. He himself has an extraordinary military service history. The Jacket is all original and apart from the leather being fed it has never been touched.

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LARGE!! Mid-Late 1930's, Pre-War/Battle of Britain Irvin Jacket - 151 Squadron Hurricane Fighter Pilot

Further Pictures.

Please Note; I'm a 42" Chest and this exceptional Irvin Jacket is too big for me all round.

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STUNNING!! 1930's Luftwaffe/NSFK Sailplane Pilot Award

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SUPERB!! 1930's Luftwaffe/NSFK Sailplane Desk Model - Glider Pilot

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SUPER RARE!! Late 1920's/1930's Flying Helmet & Goggles of the REGIA AERONAUTICA

In my book, any piece of Flying Headgear of the Regia Aeronautica has always been deemed as a "great find". This pre-War Flying Helmet and 1927 dated "Protector" Flying Goggles is in my opinion a "spectacular find"

Both the Flying Helmet and Goggles are in exceptional overall condition and considering the Regia Aeronautica wasn't officially formed until 1923 this headset has to be one of the very first types to have been worn by Italian Pilots flying under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.

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AS NEW!! Large, Size 4 Btype Flying Helmet by Sefton Clothing Co. - With Cushions

There's nothing I can add to the praise already given to the work of Stephen Silburn in his manufacture of WWII Flying Headgear. The attention to detail is second to none, just look at the AID Stamp underneath the leather back strap. Probably never seen but there all the same.

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The best of the best in the world of reproduction Flying Headgear. Hand made by Stephen Silburn, it is impossible to improve on his workmanship and accuracy. This Mask is complete with everything you see in the pictures so is fully ready for display or wear.

Please Note; Only the Mask and Hose are by Stephen. The Loom, Mic, Receivers and Connector are all original, period pieces......ALL THE WORK IN SOURCING, FITTING AND COMPLETING THIS MASK HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU!

See Code; 53735 for further pictures of this exceptional Stephen Silburn Oxygen Mask on display with the Silburn TypeB Flying Helmet which I'll be adding shortly.

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MYSTERY!! 1930's NSFK/Luftwaffe Flying Helmet from Braunschweig Glider Pilot School

I've owned this Flying Helmet for some time now but only recently did I get the time to have a really good look at it and now there's one thing that really puzzles me...... looking at the leather it appears to be made of the type of leather I've only ever seen used to make Japanese Flying Helmets. Those of you familiar with Japanese Flying headgear will know what I mean. The leather has a very distinct texture and also has dark areas which can sometimes appear to be scorched area's.

Unusually for German manufactured headgear ther are no makers marks anywhere on this Flying Helmet....it is very possible this Helmet was made in Japan and simply bought by a German Aviator.

This unique Helmet is in the exact same condition as the day it arrived with me. It hasn't been treated, polished or messed with. It really does stand out in a Luftwaffe Flying Helmet display as my pictures come nowhere near to doing it justice.

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FULLY PROVENANCED! Rare Group to pre-WWII Pilot of the Civil Aviation Service Corps & Civil Air Guard

Dating 1937 to 1939 this very rare group of items belonged to Gavin Andrew Gardner. The group includes his CASC Membership Card, Air Ministry Pilot License and Pilot Flying Book. It also includes his unusual Civil Air Guard Pilot Wing, rare Sleeve Badge, Cap Badge and original CAG Buttons. The group also has five original photographs of him in his CASC kit.

The Civil Aviation Service Corps was formed in 1934 by a few ex-Pilots of the disbanded Royal Flying Corps who decided to form a new Corps on a basis of "service to the cause of flying". G A Gardner's 1937 Membership Card show the CASC was attached to No.1 (London) Squadron.

Much more information about the CASG & CAT is provided in the document supplied with this group.

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As with the stunning A-11 Flying Helmet above, this immaculate A-14 Oxygen Mask also has the original aluminium security tag in place, and is also fully wired.

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