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Hello all.

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of last weekend's sale and thank you so much for your kind messages of support and feedback.
Whilst Ian continues to undergo treatment and until he is fully recovered, Julie and I have decided we will offer 20% discount off ALL listed prices.

In the main Julie I will be running the website and we really look forward to hearing from you. Ian will be adding new listings as he can, he can still be contacted on bombphoons@hotmail.com if you have any urgent queries.

Place your order, pay by Paypal and we will refund 20% of the item price/s. We will then pack and post your items asap. If you wish to pay by other methods simply let us know.

Love to All,

Caron and Julie

Code: 53146Price: On Request

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EXCEPTIONAL!! Large 'trench art' Luftwaffe Heinkel He111 with Jumo 211 Engine Plate - Superb Detail!!

This is awesome!! A large solid brass Heinkel He111 mounted on what appears to be a piece of driftwood. I firmly believe this to be a WWII made piece as it is so unique.

The driftwood is significant in that the Jumo211 Engine Plate is reputed to have come from a Heinkel He111 shot down over the North East coastline.

Please note; The Jumo Engine Plate did not come with the brass Heinkel. It is only 'blu tacked' to the driftwood. This is a 'marriage', but a 'marriage' made in heaven!

The detail on the Heinkel is outstanding, with superb panel and cockpit detail. I believe the pictures say it all.

As is so often the case the propellers were missing, so I have replaced them just to complete what is a magnificent WWII model!

Winspan - 32cms.


Code: 53144Price: 555.00 GBP

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ORIGINAL!! WWII Polish Air Force Officer Cap Badge

Code: 53142Price: 480.00 GBP

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VERY RARE! German Desk Model - Pre-War Luftwaffe/NSFK He111

It's well worth examining the period photograph I've added to this listing. I believe this was taken in an NSFK Officer's Room...look to the top right and see the two NSFK Glider Models....this Heinkel is mounted on an identical 'cloud formation' stand.

This original Luftwaffe/NSFK model is/was silver plated on what I believe to be bronze and not brass. I say 'was' because a lot of the silver plating has been polished off over the years. The marble base has also taken a few knocks over the years but that only adds to the authenticity of this very unique He111.

The piece stands at 16cms tall and has a wingspan of 14cms.

Code: 53138Price: 335.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! RAF Officers Mess Tobacco Jar - Propeller Trench Art

A very attractuve, and most unusual piece.

This has been lathe turned from a very hefty section of laminated propeller. The 'barrel' has been made to accomodate what I know to be a silvery plated cover from an RAF Muffin Dish.

Code: 53137Price: 190.00 GBP

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MEGA RARE!! Aero-Art Products - Propeller Tobacco Jar - Schneider Trophy

This is the one and only example of this "Aero-Art Products" work I've seen!

Code: 53136Price: 740.00 GBP

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AMAZING!! Armee de L'Air 'Trench Art' Aeroplane

This is "Aero-Trench Art" at its very, very best!!

This Armee de L'Air Aeroplane is everything genuine trench art should be. It is totally hand made, hand painted and as far as I'm aware it is 100% Unique!

It might have been made to celebrate or commemorate one specific French Airman as there is a removeable glass section behind which a photograph would have been placed.

The overall architectural design is the work of a real craftsman. Fitting a cube into a hexagonal base would have taken a real mathematical brain to work out this configuration. The hexagonal base is made os alternating plates of copper and brass. This then has thebrass cube sitting atop that with the shaft slotting into an awesome model Aircraft.

The Aircraft is made from hand worked plates of copper with brass fittings. The maker has even gone as far as to add a pilot, who can be seen through the 'cockpit glass'. It's even possible to see his eyes believe it or not. The Aircraft has been handpainted in the livery of the French Air Force and it is possible to just make out the Serial Number. The rubber wheels and propeller all rotate freely.

This would look totally incredible if polished, but I'll leave that to the buyer.

Code: 53135Price: 485.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! Hand Made 'Trench Art' Mascot of SPA 167 Cigogne de Romanet

The second of three exceptional pieces of Armee de 'l'Air Memorabilia.

A truly wonderful handmade desk mascot of the Armee de L'air SPA 3 "Cigogne de Romanet".

Measures 32cms long x 20cms high and made from rivetted aluminium.

Code: 53134Price:

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STUNNING!! Hand Made 'Trench Art' Mascot of SPA 3 Cigogne de Guynemer

A truly wonderful handmade desk mascot of the Armee de L'air SPA 3 "Cigogne de Guynemer".

Measures 19.5cms long x 11cms high and made from rivetted aluminium.

Code: 53133Price: 255.00 GBP

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SUPERB!! Hand Carved WWII USAAF Quartermaster Plaque

What a wonderful item...

Superbly hand carved, measuring 14" high.

The pictures aren't great but this very rare Plaque is!


Code: 53131Price: 220.00 GBP

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