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VERY RARE!! WWII Polish Air Force Pilot Wing - Comparative Pictures

Also see original listing - Code; 50988

I have added these pictures to show the differences in size/shape/feathering/threading to the bullion Polish Observers Wing below. The intention being to show these have not been made utilising a modern computer manufacturing process.....

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SOE 'Stinger' Ink Pen - The real thing??

Here is an item I know very little about...Having researched this I know what it is, or purports to be, and it seems to me to be completely authentic. What I don't know is if these have been faked/copied, so I rely on your knowledge to authenticate this piece.

As an engineer I know just how difficult, and expensive it would be to correctly replicate the blued steel "stinger", but that doesn't mean this hasn't been done.

I welcome your thoughts on this. Do please ask for my pictures to be sent to your email address. When zoomed in, the images do seem to authenticate the blade etc.

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RESEARCHING! WWI Military Pigeon Service Medal - Kaiser Willhelm II

I believe this to be a very rare silver medal of the Imperial German Air Service "FLUG" which relates to their use of Pigeon Message Carriers.

I have been able to locate a medal used by the Imperial Navy and Army, but not of the Imperial German Air Service...see the following link.


As always, opinions and information are gratefully received if you can educate further on this medal.

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UN-CUT!! - UNIQUE!! Gold Bullion Polish Air Force OBSERVERS Wing.

Recently unearthed, and a PAF Wing I've never come across before. Of course, it could very well have been made yesterday in Pakistan. So I would welcome all comments and opinions on this unusual item of Polish insignia.

Please note; I don't think for one second this was made in Pakistan yesterday!

Some of you may well remember the gold plastic PAF Cap Badge I sold three years ago. This bullion Wing reminds me of that particular item of PAF insignia.....a unique one off!

It's well worth comparing this Wing to Code: 50988 on my website....the discovery of this Observer Wing might well back up the theory these bullion wings were privately commissioned with one British WWII insignia manufacturer.

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VERY RARE!! Pair of WWII Polish Air Force Cap Badges in plastic - By A STANLEY & SONS

Here's something you simply don't see every day!! Finding one of these late-War PAF Cap Badges can take years. Finding two, slightly different examples is a very rare occurrence.

At first glance these two Cap Badges differ only in colour, but a look at the back shows two different reference numbers - "T-1" & "T-2".

This is your opportunity to add to your collection, a pair of very scarce examples of the Polish Air Force Cap Badge in one go!

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STUNNING!! Royal Flying Corps Cockpit Compass - TYPE 5/17 AIR COMPASS

Probably made by Creagh and Osbourne, this is an exceptional WWI Aircraft Compass.

As a static display piece this is simply outstanding!! However I'm sure that, in the right hands this could be made to be airworthy once again.

When I bought this the whole unit had been polished and lacquered many years ago, age had taken its toll and it hadn't been well cared for......it looked truly dreadful. So all the lacquer has now been removed and if this was to be repainted black (for panel use) it is just about fully prepped, just a fine wire wool is all that's required for a paint 'key'.

All the screws, nuts, bolts and fittings are original to this very rare RFC compass.

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SERIOUSLY RARE!! Post-WWI Regia Marina/Aeronautica Pilot 'Honour' Wing

Huge thanks go to my American friend Tom and his friend in Italy for the following information.....
....Before the creation of the Regia Aeronautica in 1923, the Italian Military Pilots came from the Regio Esercito ( ARMY ) and from the Regia Marina ( NAVY ).
The former NAVY pilots were authorized by the fascist brass to hold their NAVY pilot wings as a honour badge on their new Regia Aeronautica uniforms..
Actually this is an honour badge formed by the original WW1 NAVY wings superimposed by the fascist ( FASCIO ) insignia.

Tom's friend in Italy also supplied him/me with pictures of two other examples of this Wing....Shown in pictures 8&9 you can compare the other two and will see the example I'm offering is somewhat different/superior in manufacture in that it is jeweller made in many parts and the quality is exceptional!

Measures 70mm across.

This is one extremely rare Italian Pilot Wing!!!!

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MAGNIFICENT!! Carved Oak RAF Pilot Wing - to Air Vice-Marshal CJQ Brand

Measuring over 12" across this is a stunning piece of carved oak. Showing exquisite patination and in perfect condition.

The wing is marked to Air Vice Marshall Christopher Brand KBE, DSO, MC, DFC (25 May 1893 7 March 1968)

AVM Brand was a WWI "ACE" and the top scoring 'night fighter' of the Royal Flying Corps. During the Second World War, Brand was Air Officer Commanding No. 10 (Fighter) Group, 10 Fighter Battle Group, responsible for the defence of southwest England and South Wales. Brand actively supported Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, in advocating the use of small, rapidly deployed, groups of fighters to intercept the Luftwaffe raiders.

Difficult to value as I have no provenance to this and have yet to find a picture showing the Wing relating to AVM Brand. He did retire in 1943 whilst commanding RAF Rundloe, so it may well have been a retirement gift.

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SUPERB!! 'Propeller Art' Mantle Clock - with TOP 'Comitti of London' Movement

This propeller boss has been 'flat backed' to allow it to be correctly displayed on the mantle piece. Just look at how it displays with the carved oak RAF Pilot Wing shown above.

The movement is probably the finest (and most valuable) clock movement I've had in any Propeller Clock I've owned. The "COMITTI" movement had been serviced not long before I bought the clock, so you can be assured it keeps excellent time.

Still making the finest quality clocks today, you can see more about "COMITTI" on the following website; http://comitti.com/company/

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INCREDIBLY RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe (field) Projector for training Pilots, Gunners and Flak Crews in Aircraft Identification.

For original pictures, description and price please put 52503 into the word search...


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