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Luftwaffe Insignia

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Polish Air Force Bracelet #1

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Polish Air Force Bracelet #2

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Polish Air Force Bracelet #3

This has to be one of the best pieces of Wartime Polish Air Force/Royal Air Force Memorabilia I've ever had or seen. Completely made from and stamped "Sterling" the Silver 'plaque' incorporates the PAF Eagle Pilot Wings and on either side, both RAF & PAF Cap Badge Insignia.
The quality of jewellery manufacture is exemplarary, with the Silver Bracelet being expanable. It could therefore be worn by a man and could have been used as an ID Bracelet.

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Polish Air Force Bracelet #4

As each of the links on the bracelet is stamped with the Lion Passant it is fair to say this bracelet is of the very highest quality. Also, on very close inspection the Polish Air Force Quadrant appears to be made of very fine shagreen (shark skin).

A real jewellers piece!

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Polish Air Force Bracelet #5

There is no doubting that the Polish contingent in the Royal Air Force had a natural talent for Flying. There is also no doubt thay they also had a natural eye for things of beauty. This silver bracelet is one of a number of silver PAF pieces from the early 1940's I've had the pleasure of owning, and just look at the detailing in the Spitfire!
The reverse is engraved "S.G.M Blackpool" (where else?) and has a scratched date of "29 -1- 44"

This looks good on a man's wrist so could possibly have been used as an ID bracelet

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1938 Dated - RAF Battle of Britain Type 'B' Flying Helmet

Those of you who have known me as a trader for the past ten years will know my thoughts on "named" items. Anyone can add a name/document/label etc to an item of memorabilia/flying gear and claim the history behind it. However, with no concrete provenance any 'named' item is purely conjecture and wishful thinking.

This Type "B" Flying Helmet was acquired with no reference whatsoever to its background and certainly no great claims of an heroic Battle of Britain Pilot etc. There was no mention of a name and it was only on close examination of the Helmet (beneath the donuts) that I found that this Helmet carries the name of an RAF Airman.

This is a size 2 "Frank Bryan" made Helmet dated 1938. It is in sublime 'battle worn' condition, with its original Air Ministry foam cushions, cheek protectors and complete leather covered Bennetts Buckles. The only damage of note is to the right side donut. One particular nice touch is the added central popper, undoubtedly for use with the first pattern Type "E" Oxygen Mask.

That extra popper for the Type "E" Oxygen Mask and the 1938 Date would most certainly point to this particular Helmet being used during the Battle of Britain. Whether it was used by the named Airman is, as I say purely conjecture. I am therefore selling this as a highly authentic Battle of Britain Type "B" Flying Helmet with little room for doubt.

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UNISSUED!! Complete RAF MkVIII Flying Goggles - Air Ministry Box & Stamp!

These have never been out of the box for use!

Totally untouched and uncleaned....even the box is in exceptional condition!

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AN INCREDIBLE UPDATE!! Signed by the Women who Built the Hawker Typhoon!

Please see Code 52864, the original listing for this print.

My Very Special Thanks go to a wonderful Gentleman, Mr. Keith Williams. Keith went to the 'nth' degree in researching this Wartime print. He began by researching "Myfanwy Lovell" and discovered through direct contact with her nephew that Myfanwy was an "Aircraft Parts Inspector" at Hucclecote. There is also information confirming the association with other signatories at the Hawker Typhoon plant at Hucclecote.

Keith even managed to acquire a wonderful photograph of Myfanwy and her husband Ernie (Manning), who we believe also worked at Hucclecote building the Hawker Typhoon. Keith was also of the opinion that the print could well have been signed by the Hucclecote staff as a Wartime Memento to a Company Director......."I note that VE Day was May 8th 1945 just four days prior to the dated signature on the print so perhaps your scenario re the Gloster Director is correct but the occasion was based around VE Day & of course the winding down of Typhoon production which I note ended in Nov. 1945. As Hucclecote must have had more than 40 employees I would suggest that these 40 have a common denominator which now we know Myfanwy was an Inspector is the Inspection & related depts."

The great shame in this incredible story is that Myfanwy Lovell passed away in April this year.

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VERY RARE!! - CANADIAN MADE?? Air Transport Auxiliary Lapel Badge

A most unusual ATA Badge, and one I've never come across before!
I'm convinced this is of Canadian manufacture, made either by "BIRKS" or "MURPHY". This is only my opinion of course, but the method of manufacture, detail, and colour of enamel is exactly the same as the more familiar WWII RAF "Transport Command" and "Ferry Command" lapel badges.

As I said before, I've never seen another example of this badge. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with more information.

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