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IMMACULATE!! MkIA 'Bonedome' & Visor - TypeG (Inner) Flying Helmet - MkVIII Flying Goggles - Htype Oxygen Mask

You would need to go a long, long way to find a better example of this early Jet Age Headset!

Other than the minimal marks from age this complete set is in the very best condition. Just look at how clean the inner leather and cradle are of this silver MkIA 'Bonedome' Flying Helmet. The silver paint/gel coat is brilliant and 99.9% complete. The rare tinted visor is also in excellent condition.

Now look at the TypeG (inner) Flying Helmet. Absolutely pristine and fully wired for wear. As are the MkVIII Flying Goggles, which come complete with the rare press stud retainers, used for attaching to the back of the 'Bonedome'.

The early Htype Oxygen Mask completes what it one of the very best examples of this headset you're ever likely to see!

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VERY RARE!! 1941 USAAF Type A-10 Flying (Boots) Shoes

Probably the hardest to find of all WWII USAAF Flying Boots.

As you would expect from this type of Boot there have been a few repairs but these still display superbly. They could actually be worn as structurally they are very sound.

Designed in 1941 and worn primarily for wear by USAAF Units in Alaska very few pairs of these still exist due to the extreme conditions of use.

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STUNNING!! Item of RAF Hawkinge & BATTLE OF BRITAIN History

There is no doubt in my mind that this is 100% Authentic and I do have a theory as to its place in Battle of Britain history. My theory is based upon the "OAK" design of this tobacco jar.

"The Royal Oak" in Capel-le Ferne is just a few miles from Hawkingeand always had a long association with the RFC/RAF during both World Wars. Indeed there was an Airship Station right next to The Royal Oak as early as 1915. Then of course The Royal Oak was a frequent haunt of RAF Airmen for years afterwards.

I had initially thought the presentee R.B Holt might have been the licensee of The Royal Oak in 1938, however my research shows that wasn't the case. Discovering who R B Holt was is now being researched further.

The tobacco jar itself is a period piece, with its original "MINTON" china jar. Both the plaque and engraving are contemporary and I'm certain the whole piece does date to 1938.

I'm convinced this gift to the RAF Officers of RAF Hawkinge is authentic. That being the case, just imagine this sitting on the bar of the Hawkinge Officers Mess during the Battle of Britain, and then consider just who would have pulled their tobacco from it.

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WWII 'Trench Art' RAF Spitfire Bracelet

A Real "ROUGH DIAMOND" of a find.

Handmade from nine gold Spitfires which do appear to be solid gold with no plating wear or tarnishing. However due to the soldering on the reverse it is impossible to see any possible hallmarks.

The RAF 'snap to close' clasp is something I've never seen before and a really nice piece of jewellery in itself.

There is no doubting this is handmade, somewhat crudely in the world of jewellery. But it does still look beautiful and is highly unique!

In all my years of collecting RAF/Spitfire memorabilia I have never seen another bracelet like this one. Making this a very rare piece which would stand out in any Spitfire focussed collection!

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Perfect Replica - Spitfire Manual

There is a really interesting story behind this particular facsimile manual. I originally sold it on ebay some six years ago. It is so good that I sold it in good faith as original. Then, two years ago the buyer contacted me and informed me the Manual is in fact a true replica of the original MkII Spitfire Manual. It is so good that it convinced me, the original seller and my subsequent buyer it was a very rare original.

As my regular customers know, I give a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on ALL of my items, so I asked my buyer to return the Manual and I refunded him in full.

The accuracy of this rare publication is exceptional, so good that it really is almost impossible to tell from the original. There are dozens of technical and photographic pull-outs which emulate the orginal in the finest degree. Every possibly aspect in the maintenance of the early Spitfires is covered in exceptional detail. The accuracy even covers the ongoing amendment sheets and "Oxford" laced binding.

This will not disappoint!

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This is one of a number of pairs of 1920's/1930's Italian made "DICTATOR" Flying Goggles I've been fortunate to acquire in one collection.

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Battle of Britain RAF 'LUXOR AIREX' Flying Goggles

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1939 Civil Air Guard Desk/Car Flag

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Early 20th Century Fokker Aircraft Instrument Panel

Isn't this brilliant? I'm not sure what Aircraft it is from but I'm thinking an early Fokker sailplane/glider?

I'd really appreciate any theories and help in identifying what plane this is from before pricing it.

Code: 53260Price: On Request

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REMARKABLE!! One Piece 1930's Black Leather Fliegerkombi - DORNIER Test Pilot!


This is one amazing piece of German Flying Clothing. Made by "ROBERT STRAUSS" this very rare Fliegerkombi carries the stamp of the DORNIER 'Werks' and a small (never seen before) DORNIER Workers Badge which has been riveted through the leather.

I've dated it to the 1930's based on the fact all zips are the early "Lightning Bolt" ZIPP type.

The Flight Suit leather is in exceptional condition, as is the grey blanket lining. The main zip and sleeve zips work fine but there are some teeth missing from the leg zips.

This is a highly unique/bespoke item of Flying Clothing, the likes of which I've never seen before. A difficult item to price so I'm open to offers on it.


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