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EARLY!! Luftwaffe 'Double Zip' Boots - Can you help ID the manufacturer

This early pair of "Double Zip" Luftwaffe Flying Boots are identical to those shown on page 148 of Mick's book on Luftwaffe vs RAF Flying Clothing. They feature the very best fittings including nickel silver buckles and zips.

I'm trying to identify the maker, can you help?

The barely legible label reads something like this - " Michel Seilbegnersden"

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SUPERB!! Large Copper/Silver Plate Drinks Tray - 1918 Royal Flying Corps

As with the RFC Tantalus below the majority of the silver plating has been polished off this Tray. Again this should not detract from a wonderful piece of original RFC Memorabilia.

I have been informed both the Tray and the Tantalus could be re-plated, but I'll leave that to the next owner.

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UNIQUE!! WWI RFC/RAF Tantalus by Mappin & Webb

One of the most admired items I have on display.

For some reason (and as the 1918 RFC Tray above) the majority of the silver plating has been polished off by a previous owner. However that should not detract from what is a very rare item.

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VERY RARE!! WWII RAF Silver/Plate Beer Tankards - EIGHT!! all to 149 Squadron!

It's not unusual to find these RAF Tankards from WWII in singles or pairs, indeed I have an extensive collection myself. They were either bought or presented to RAF Airmen of WWII and hung over the bar in the Officer's Mess. They were there ready to be filled (and emptied) on the Airman's return from his latest Mission. What IS unusual however is to find not just one, but EIGHT tankards, all to the same Squadron......but that's not the end of it, as these RAF Tankards are all to 149 Squadron. This is the Squadron who were most featured in three of the most famous RAF WWII propoganda films - The Lion Has Wings - 1939, Target for Tonight - 1941, and Journey Together - 1943.

The Tankards are as follows;

1. "To THE OFFICERS 149(B) SQ. from FLT LT. D. E. DAVIES DFC, AFC, RAFVR, Sept 1940 - March 1941" This is solid silver, fully hallmarked for London.
2. "THE OFFICERS No 149(B) SQUADRON from FLIGHT LIEUT A.T.H WILLIS 12-4-37 to 10-2-38". Silver plate by Alex Clark of London.
3. "PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS 149 SQUADRON by FLT LT. I H BUTLER DFC, and F/O H.J SHIELD DFC - R.N.Z.A.F - August 1943...no makers mark

The last three carry the 149 Squadron Badge and are all in E.P.N.S and all by the same maker. All of the Tankards have the expected dings and dents but all are in useable condition with little/no wear to the plating.

My final picture shows the Airmen of 149 Squaron at RAF Mildenhall prior to a Bombing Raid.
These eight Tankards are an extraordinary example of Wartime RAF Memorabilia and this is a one-off opportunity to acquire such a large group of Tankards.

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The 2015 Bombphoons Christmas Sale.......starts NOW!!------A MASSIVE 25% OFF EVERYTHING!

Last year we were informed that our 2014 Christmas Sale started just too late for some of our International customers and friends. So, at your request we are now starting this years sale that bit earlier.....NOW!! This should give you enough time to place your orders and receive your items in good time for Christmas. It also gives you a bit more time to persuade your partner to buy that Christmas gift you simply must have, and with 25% off you might be able to afford that bit more.

There are two ways to benefit from our Sale;

1. Place your orders from the website as normal.
2. Pay for your order through Paypal
3. Caron will then refund you a full 25% from your purchase price.


1. Email Caron on bombphoons@hotmail.com and tell her which items you wish to buy.
2. Caron will then reduce the listing price for you by the full 25% so you can order your items
3. Pay for you order.

IMPORTANT; The 25% Discount is on full orders only and with an immediate payment. Without previous agreement the discount cannot be applied to 'layaway', trade. or part-ex transactions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Thanks and Best Wishes go to All,

Ian and Caron Wilson

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ULTRA RARE!! American made 'LATE ARRIVALS CLUB' Badge, with Original 1941 US Press Photograph

Just how rare is this?

Made by "VANGUARD of New York" in solid silver this is an American made variant of the legendary WWII RAF "LATE ARRIVALS CLUB" Badge.....but that's not the end of it. This scarce badge now comes with an original 1941 US press photograph of the New York Bureau. The annotations on the reverse provides all the information relating to "THE WINGED BOOT"

Here's a romantic theory linking the two....it's quite possible the photograph went to press in New York and a Vanguard employee picked up on the story and they decided to produce their own badge for US Airmen.....pretty simple really!

The Winged Boot itself is the same size as the larger RAF variant but this is made in two parts..the Boot and the Wing.

I've scanned the reverse of the photograph for you, so both sides can be seen at the same time. I had planned to have this rarity framed for display, but as always time is against me.

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My friends,

What you see below is a small selection of Luftwaffe Insignia I'm happy to sell as original. I'm not an authority on (anything) the subject, so I always present my Luftwaffe Insignia to more knowledgeable dealers/collectors/museum visitors than myself to have them authenticated.

I've listed these as genuine, but if your opinion differs then please do let me know. I always welcome good, solid information about anything I offer you, and if I've got something wrong I'll rectify that immediately.

Please email me bombphoons@hotmail.com if you want my pictures for your analysis and closer scrutiny.

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EXCELLENT & RARE!! WWII Luftwaffe Flak Badge

This particular badge was the subject of discussion on the "Wehrmacht Awards" forum a few years back. The reason being, it has a rare 'ball hinge needle' fastening so my customer and friend wanted to ensure its authenticity....it is 100% Genuine.

Selling on Consignment

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STUNNING!! Luftwaffe WWII Flyer's Commemorative Badge - 'Flieger Erinnerungsabzeichen' by Juncker

An original Luftwaffe WWII Flyer's Commemorative Badge, made by JUNCKER.

In superb overall condition!

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EXCEPTIONAL!! & VERY SCARCE!! Luftwaffe Pilot 'DROOP TAIL' Eagle Breast Badge by 'ASSMANN'

Gauranteed as 100% Original this Luftwaffe Eagle is simply breathtaking! Although not marked I'm informed it was made by "ASSMANN" pre-War or very early-War.

The very finest Luftwaffe Breast Eagle I've ever held.

Made in solid silver, there are genuine traces of gold wash in the recesses and on the reverse of the Eagle.


Believe me, these pictures come nowhere near to showing how just how good this is. It has to be held in the hand both to feel the weight, and see the outstanding quality!

Code: 53463Price: 850.00 GBP

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