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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

The pictures shown in the next few listings show a small portion of my collection. These and many, many more rare items of Vintage Aviation Memorabilia will be going to Auction in the next eighteen months or so.

Paul Laidlaw (Laidlaw Auctioneers) and myself will be publicising the Auctions through the trade press and I will keep you updated through my website.

Code: 53664Price: On Request

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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

Code: 53665Price: On Request

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Forthcoming Auctions - a brief preview

Code: 53666Price: On Request

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FULLY PROVENANCED!! ATA Pilot Helmet & Documents

From my personal collection, this ATA group came to me direct from the family of "FITZ" and is fully backed up with a full letter of provenance.

The group of items not only include his original 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet, but also his full (handwritten)operational ATA record and his personal ATA Ferry Pilot Notes. These are fully annotated by "FITZ" himself at the time of his flying for the ATA.

Genuine, provenanced ATA Pilot items rarely come on to the market and there is no disputing the incredible history behind Fitzgerald's War. Derek Fitzgerald flew many ferry operations from White Waltham with the ATA and went on to train many other Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots.

Code: 53659Price: 950.00 GBP

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UNIQUE!! Large Scale handmade MkXXIV Clipped Wing Spitfire

Over the years I've collected all type of model Aircraft and still retain a good collection of 'period' models made in every possible material, brass, bronze, aluminium, wood, silver, lucite etc...
This model Spitfire is undoubtedly one of the most individual aircraft I've come across due to its unique subject and size.
I've stated MkXXIV based on the overall shape and more pointed spinner, but I could be wrong and stand to be corrected.

I've no idea of this models history or why it was made. Wind tunnel testing (minus propeller) has been suggested to me.

With a wingspan of 12" this is a large model, cast in aluminium and brilliantly hand finished. I've shown the model alongside another 'period' Spitfire model in 1/72 scale to give an idea of the size.

PLEASE NOTE; the stand is a modern replacement, not original to the model but is included for display purposes.

Code: 53660Price: 785.00 GBP

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MINT!! Copy of Guy Gibson's 'DAMBUSTERS' Log Book

One of the most desirable of all RAF Publications this copy Log Book was printed in limited numbers and has become much sought after by collectors.

I've been fortunate to have hunted out a couple of copies over the years but never have I seen a copy such as this one. The previous owner saw fit to have a a bespoke dust cover made for it so it is therefore still in mint condition. It's possible to see the sun damage to the dust cover but the actual log book is as fresh as the day it was printed.

A real 'find' and a very solid investment.

Code: 53662Price: 385.00 GBP

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MINT!! Original WWII Aircraft ID Model - SHORT SUNDERLAND

You may never see a finer example of this rare model. The condition is truly exceptional!!

Code: 53661Price: 425.00 GBP

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AWESOME!! WWII RAF Lancaster & Propeller Display Piece

Please Note; The handmade Lancaster and Propeller did not originally come together.

I have owned the wooden Lancaster for some time now and have been looking for a suitable stand on which to display it properly. The Propeller was acquired later and makes the perfect display 'partner' for the Lancaster.

A fine piece of British craftsmanship - A solid oak spinner with a 5" diameter fitted with three hand-spun polished metal propeller blades. Each blade is 9" long making this a large and heavy display piece.

Handmade in a fine grain timber and extremely accurate, the wing shape and diehedral angles are excellent. The propellers spin, one blade has been broken and repaired at some stage.
It has a wingspan of 17.5", or 45cms.

There is then a brass plate which reads; "All the Best TED from Shop 35". This is likely to denote the propeller was orignialy made in Aircraft Maintenance Shop 35.

I think you will agree, that the 'marriage' of the Lanc & Prop provides a brilliant display piece which really shows the awesome power of the Lancaster and its four Merlin Engines to full affect.

I do make my apologies now, to the purist collector who correctly prefer not to see 'married' pieces of memorabilia. I have been honest about the items and would personally prefer to see these two particular pieces together rather than not displayed at all. All of the original pieces are still there, nothing has been changed, drilled or glued etc so are still in their original 'as made' condition.

Code: 53663Price: 350.00 GBP

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EXCEPTIONAL!! Sterling Silver WWI USAAS 93rd Aero Squadron Badge

This is an stunning example of the insignia of the American 93rd Aero Squadron.

The 93rd Aero Squadron was an Air Service, United States Army unit that fought on the Western Front during World War The Squadron was only active between 21 August 1917 31 March 1919, so this is one very rare piece of insignia.

Code: 53651Price: 450.00 GBP

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RARE!! 1941 Pattern Mae West Inflation Lever & Fixing Ring

Perfect for completing the look of your 1941 Pattern Mae West.

Condition is excellent, the 'marks' are patination of the brass where the nickel plating has worn.

Check out Code; 53595 1941 Mae West Bladder. I will fit the lever etc. if purchased together.

Code; 53445 will show you these look when complete

Code: 53650Price: 265.00 GBP

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