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VERY SCARCE!! Gold/Silver ATA Pilot Wing Sweetheart Brooch

Code: 53149Price: 315.00 GBP

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SUPERB!! Complete ATA Officers two-piece Gilded Cap Badge

Code: 53152Price: 440.00 GBP

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RARE!! Original ATA Flight Engineer Brevet - Wool

Code: 53151Price: 325.00 GBP

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RARE!! Original ATA Flight Engineer Brevet - Bullion

Code: 53150Price: 325.00 GBP

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RARE!! Boxed G45 'Spitfire' Gun Camera with Extension Lens

Code: 53156Price: 285.00 GBP

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UNIQUE!! G-45 'Spitfire' Gun Camera from 1944......with HAND OPERATED MECHANISM!

For collectors of Vintage Aviation Camera's this is surely unique!

This is the iconic G45 Cine Gun Camera most often associated with being fitted into the wings of WWII Fighter Aircraft such as the Spitfire & Hurricane. However, this example has been fitted with the most unusual clockwork mechanism, which allows it to be hand operated.

The Camera is post D-Day date stamped November 1944.

Code: 53155Price: 425.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! G22 RAF/Air Ministry Gun Camera - Boxed and in Amazing Condition!!

I have never seen a better example of this very rare RAF Gun Camera! The only other example I've had has been unboxed and every other I've seen has had the Gun Camera/AM details stamped into it. This one has a lovely Air Ministry brass plate rivetted to the top, which could point to it being a very early example.

Even the rare base is in exceptional condition and is also fully Air Ministry marked.

Prior to being superceded by the oft-seen F-24 Gun Camera, the G22 continued to be used in the early years of the War.

This is a marvelous piece of British Military Aviation History from the 1930's which would be almost impossible to upgrade.

Code: 53153Price: 650.00 GBP

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One of the finest examples of a WWII/Battle of Britain Royal Air Force Gun Camera you will see!

I've shown a picture of a G22 Camera fitted to the starboard lower wing an RAF 613 Squadron Hawker Hector.

This is the very first G-22 I've had where both levers on the "pistol-grip" are fully operational.....pull the upper lever and the lens cover opens. Pull the rear knob and the lens itself operates and at the same time the image counter rotates. This allows the Pilot/Observer to view how many images remain on the film.

The Camera also comes with a spare film holder and tools.

Code: 53148Price: 665.00 GBP

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MEGA RARE!! RAF Gun Camera with VERY SCARCE!! Vickers 'K' Gun Mount

This 12V G45 Gun Camera was actually used with this Vickers 'K' Gun Type 29 Mount during WWII. They aren't a 'put together'.

This is one of the very finest exhibits in my Museum and not one I'm keen to sell, but 'needs must' when it comes to fund raising for the Museum.

The price is for the Camera & Vickers Mount

Postage/Courier charges to be arranged and confirmed post-purchase

Code: 53154Price: 2400.00 GBP

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Hello all.

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of last weekend's sale and thank you so much for your kind messages of support and feedback.
Whilst Ian continues to undergo treatment and until he is fully recovered, Julie and I have decided we will offer 20% discount off ALL listed prices.

In the main Julie I will be running the website and we really look forward to hearing from you. Ian will be adding new listings as he can, he can still be contacted on bombphoons@hotmail.com if you have any urgent queries.

Place your order, pay by Paypal and we will refund 20% of the item price/s. We will then pack and post your items asap. If you wish to pay by other methods simply let us know.

Love to All,

Caron and Julie

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