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Bombphoons 5th Anniversary Sale!!......UP TO 20% OFF ALL LISTED PRICES

BOMBPHOONS VINTAGE AVIATION MEMORABILIA have now been trading for FIVE YEARS!! .....August 2010 - August 2015

We launched BVAM on the recommendation of many of our then ebay customers. We had been successfully trading on ebay as bombphoons!! for six years at that time and had developed a wonderful relationship with many international customers. Granted the timing wasn't the best......remember, in 2010 the world was slap bang in the middle of the worst ever economic recession and the huge majority had absolutely no disposable income.

However we took the risk, Caron and I quit our jobs and set out with a single plan in mind....that plan hasn't changed in five years and is still the same as the front page of our website, this has remained unchanged in all that time. We have managed to find some of the rarest items of Aviation Memorabilia anywhere, and have enjoyed being able to source many, many scarce pieces for our customers. You only need to view our "Archive" section to see what we have discovered on your behalf.

To mark our Fifth anniversary we now launch our next sale to you, offering up to 20% Discount on all our marked prices.

At this point I must add this message to our regular friends and customers who have bought from us over the past five years. As a huge thanks to you for your continued encouragement and support we will guarantee you a minimum 20% discount, and if we can do more then we will.

It is very easy to take advantage of this offer, email me on bombphoons@hotmail.com we'll have a chat and I'll then amend the current price for you.

Our Thanks and Best Wishes go to All,

Ian and Caron Wilson

Code: 53396Price: On Request

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HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT!! Early RFC Pilot Wing Memorial Piece - Major Hebden Raleigh

Those of you familiar with how I work will know I never automatically jump in and declare an item as genuine based on my opinion alone. In this case my quest for authentication was even more important than ever.

Since acquiring this six weeks ago I've circulated detailed pictures to many, and allowed experienced collectors who have visited my Museum full access to the piece. They have all scrutinised the Wing etc using various magnifying implements. Without exception they have declared the piece as genuine.

I now believe this RFC Insignia pre-dates the more familiar 'plated back' RFC Wing made by "GAUNT".

I am now confident this memorial piece to the first C.O of 4 Squadron - Major George Hebden Raleigh is totally authentic

Looking past the rather na´ve sketch, what I'm offering is one of the very first Pilot Wings and Collar Badges of the Royal Flying Corps. I don't have any pictures showing Major Hebden Raleigh wearing this (or any) insignia, so I'm not in a position where I can claim these were worn by him. That claim is based solely on the authenticity of this Memorial piece.

Bearing in mind Major Hebden Raleigh was killed as early as January 1915, I have to consider this to be very important in the history of the Royal Flying Corps and, No.4 Squadron RFC/RAF.

For further pictures please see Codes; 53354 and 53370 and I will also send you pictures for your examination.


Code: 53395Price: 2400.00 GBP

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VERY RARE! 1950's Handley Page Victor - RAF Wind Tunnel Model

I was recently very privileged to have been visited by a remarkable Gentleman, an ex- BOAC & RAF A&AEE Pilot.

On his visit he picked up this model of the Victor and without hesitation informed me of its use as a Wind Tunnel model. Incredibly he had actually used these models during his service.

I explained about the fact the three large, heavy models I have came from an RAF Careers Office in Preston and he told me they were all three ex-Wind Tunnel models which, having served their purpose at RAF Boscombe Down A&AEE they would then have been repainted and used for all kind of display purposes.

From the same source, I also have a Handley Page Hastings and a DH Comet, both just as large and as heavy as this Handley Page Victor.

I will picture those as soon as possible. For further pre-restoration pictures of this Victor please see Code: 51696

Code: 53394Price: 1200.00 GBP

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MINT! - UNISSUED! WWII Japanese Army Fighter Pilot 'Summer' Flying Helmet

This is one of the finest example of the Japanese Army "Summer" Fighter Pilot Flying Helmet of WWII you are ever likely to see!

Fully marked and in simply immaculate condition.This even has parts of the original protective tape around the Goggle straps.

A very unique coloured leather too!

Code: 53393Price: 595.00 GBP

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MINT! - UNISSUED! WWII Japanese Army Fighter Pilot 'Winter' Flying Helmet

This is one of the finest example of the Japanese Army "Winter" Fighter Pilot Flying Helmet of WWII you are ever likely to see!

Fully marked and in simply immaculate condition. Even the fur lining is perfect.

A very unique coloured leather too!

Code: 53392Price: 595.00 GBP

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100% GENUINE!! Handley Page Monoplane Control Wheel - Circa 1910!!

I am particularly proud to be able to offer this incredible piece of Aviation history to you!

This is an original five spoke Control Wheel most notably pictured in use in the 1910 period Handley Page Monoplane.

Code: 53391Price: 2500.00 GBP

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VERY RARE!! 'Chester' Silver 1937 RAF Cigarette Box

Made by WILLIAM NEALE Ltd and very desirably hallmarked for Chester - 1937, this is a wonderful, chunky solid silver RAF Cigarette Case.

The enamel is in perfect condition, the RAF Pilot Wing is worn with polishing and there are a number of dings and dents commensurate with a well used Cigarette Case from 1937. However the case is structurally sound and very heavy for its size - 5.5" long x 3.5" wide x 2" deep.

One other nice feature is the case is also stamped on the base by its top Liverpool retailer - 'John Bagshaw & Son". As mentioned, it is also a very rare piece of "Chester" Silver!!

Code: 53385Price: 180.00 GBP

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RARE!! 1927 Schneider Trophy Car Mascot - SUPERMARINE S.5 - Boxed!

Other than for display purposes this Car Mascot has never been used. It seems to have always been in its box so is therefore in mint condition!

Code: 53390Price: 425.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! 1927 Schneider Trophy SUPERMARINE S.5 - by 'Lejeune'

WOW!! What a stunner this is!

Definitely made from either silver, or more likely silver plate. This is a real beauty, as well as being a very rare Supermarine/Schneider Trophy model of the 1927 SUPERMARINE S5.

Very few signs of wear, so therefore in immaculate condition.

Code: 53388Price: 665.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! 1929 Schneider Trophy SUPERMARINE S.6

A truly stunning display model of the Supermarine S6.

Made from chromed brass and mounted on a chromed military shell which has been 'worked' beautifully to show this model at its very best. It's looks as if the plane's floats are cutting through the top brass surface at top speed.......very clever!

There are a few very insignificant marks on the chrome but in the main it is totally immaculate. Especially when mounted on its mahogany plinth.

Code: 53389Price: 585.00 GBP

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