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INCREDIBLY RARE!! Early US Air Service WWI Leather/Hard Shell Flying Helmet by Draper & Maynard

Remarkably similar to the "Spalding" Hard Shell Flying Helmet, but this is made by "Draper & Maynard"!!

Put simply, this is a very special rarity in the world of WWI Flying Helmets!!

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Searching For Early 20th Century Images - BOULTON & PAUL Ltd. Static Air Display

What I've pictured here is an early 20th Century vitreous enamel sign of "BOULTON & PAUL Ltd. NORWICH". Measuring 40" long, this is the type of sign seen alongside static Aircraft Displays promoting the makers of the modern Aircraft of the day.

This dates to pre-1934 as BOULTON & PAUL Ltd became BOULTON PAUL AIRCRAFT Ltd in 1934.

The closest match I've come to this sign is the graphics/font/layout painted on the tailplane of a 1918 BOULTON & PAUL Ltd P6 "X25"...these pictures can also be seen on the excellent website - http://flyingmachines.ru/Site2/Arts/Art4817.htm

Given Boulton & Paul Ltd's illustrious history of early Aircraft manufacture it would be great to put some background to this very rare sign.

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VERY EARLY!! Fully Wired TypeG Oxygen Mask

Probably the first thing to point out on this Mask is the actual Loom. This is an original Battle of Britain Loom as used on the Dtype Oxygen Mask and the Btype Flying Helmet. The Receivers Type 10A/7063 are the early, and very scarce all metal specification.

The taping (original) on the loom, plug etc all point to this being used in the 1939/1940 period so it's likely this Loom was used on a TypeD Oxygen Mask and then later transferred for use on this TypeG.

The rubber and mould finish of the Mask is also of the very early type, which unfortunately is more prone to deterioration than the later production TypeG Oxygen Mask's. You can see from the pictures the actual deterioration, but this still displays very well for the earlier TypeG.

More pictures coming.

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Probably the very best pair of American WWI Flying Goggles I've owned. The condition is immaculate and I put this down to the fact they have been stored fo 100 years wrapped in their original cleaning cloth AND then in the multi-rivetted storage case......the case itself is something to behold!

Instead of being made from pressed aluminium this case has been fabricated from flat sheet and then rivetted. This would date these Goggles to very early production.

The Goggles themselves are truly gorgeous.....the pictures say it all!

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STUNNING!! WWI US Army Air Air Service 1918 Flying Helmet by 'LASKY & LEVY Inc.'

A really beautiful leather Flying Helmet of the US Army Air Service in WWI, in immaculate condition.

This is fully stamped for 1918 issue!

Size 7 1/4.


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REENACTORS/DISPLAY - Reproduction WWII RAF MkVII (7) Flying Goggles

In immaculate/new condition, these look great on display but could also be worn.

I believe (could be wrong) that these were made utilising original MkVII Frames.


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EXCELLENT!! Pair of WWII RAF MkVII (7) Flying Goggles

In really good condition with 90% of the original paint in place, and solid lenses, some delamination but nothing too bad.

These MkVII's are named to a Sgt. L.A Wearn

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SUPERB!! Armee De l'Air ZEPPELIN Trench Art Piece from Dijon Airfield (Souvenir Longvic)

Since first listing this piece I've been informed that the base resembles an aluminium profilecommonly used in the manufacture of the Zeppelin, so it may well be that this dates to WWI.

Dijon Airfield has one of the longest records of Military Aviation use, both in WWI & WWII.

Dijon Airfield (Longvic) is one of the oldest of the Armée de l'Air, being established in 1914, having origins beginning in September 1910 as a civilian aerodrome. Units from the base fought in World War I.

During World War II the airfield was attacked by the Luftwaffe on several occasions (10, 14 May) during the Battle of France.

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MINT/UNISSUED!! Air Ministry/RAF MkIII Flying Goggles


Some delamination to the lenses but other than that....well just look at these!

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STUNNING!! White Leather FAA CType Flying Helmet - AWESOME DISPLAY HELMET!

PLEASE NOTE; This Helmet has been subject to renovation and recolouring of the leather. I'm fully aware this may not suit every collector but I consider having the work done was better than allowing it to decay in the future.

My thanks go to my leather specialists for their outstanding work on this rare white leather Ctype. For the past seventy years this helmet had not been stored well. The white leather was heavily mildewed and dry and e all know the ultimate destructive effect this can have, so I took the decision to have the helmet professionally restored. I hope you will agree, the result is simply unbelievable!

Not only does the helmet look exceptional but after a month of professional care the leather is again now soft, supple and still very strong with all mildew contanimination removed. No tears or scuffing.

As a display example this is stunning!

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