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The decision to dismantle my collection is one of the hardest I've ever had to take. However I've no intention of the process being a negative period. There's a lot of work ahead but I plan to take the positive out of providing you the opportunity to add some of the finest and rarest Aviation Memorabilia to your own collection.

To take advantage of the discounts on offer please email me at bombphoons@hotmail .com


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Bombphoons Vintage Aviation Memorabilia - 'The Dismantling'

First let me thank everyone for their wonderful messages of support after announcing my 'retirement', I am overwhelmed by some of the incredible sentiments you've put in writing, thank you. Speaking of 'put in writing', my ultimate plan is to write at least one entertaining book on the collecting of Aviation Memorabilia....but more of that later.

The very thought of dismantling my collection is daunting, if not a little terrifying for someone in my position. Of course I will be keeping a small collection, but there are literally thousands of Historic Aviation items to move on, many of them quite unique. I have added a few pictures of a tiny fraction of my badges/insignia collection to give an idea of the task ahead. It has been suggested it would be easier for me to sell my collection as a whole, and that is one avenue I may look in to.

On the assumption I may have to sell my collection as individual items, groups of items etc. etc, be assured there will be some wonderful purchases made available to everyone with some very serious price cuts. If you have had your eye on something for sometime but the price was out of reach, drop me a line before someone else does or it goes to auction, and I'll work with you.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of individual Aviation items which have never hit my website. I will be adding these when I can, and as you would expect, there are some very rare pieces......so keep checking in as usual.

There will be relisting of some of my earlier website items at much lower prices and will also be auctioning a large number of my items in 2017. I will keep everyone updated on which auction house and the date of each auction.

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With Regret.......

On medical recommendation, Bombphoons Vintage Aviation Memorabilia will soon commence running down its total operation.

Those of you who have visited my Museum will know all too well the immense tasks ahead of me, so this will not happen overnight. The complexity and logistics of moving on one of the largest private collections of Aviation Memorabilia are huge!

So, if you wish to be kept up to date on future activity, auctions and sales etc. please email me at bombphoons@hotmail.com and I will send you regular updates.


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EXCEPTIONAL!! Sterling Silver WWI USAAS 93rd Aero Squadron Badge

This is an stunning example of the insignia of the American 93rd Aero Squadron.

The 93rd Aero Squadron was an Air Service, United States Army unit that fought on the Western Front during World War The Squadron was only active between 21 August 1917 31 March 1919, so this is one very rare piece of insignia.

Code: 53651Price: 450.00 GBP

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RARE!! 1941 Pattern Mae West Inflation Lever & Fixing Ring

Perfect for completing the look of your 1941 Pattern Mae West.

Condition is excellent, the 'marks' are patination of the brass where the nickel plating has worn.

Check out Code; 53595 1941 Mae West Bladder. I will fit the lever etc. if purchased together.

Code; 53445 will show you these look when complete

Code: 53650Price: 265.00 GBP

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MINT!! WWII Oxygen Mask Hose

In mint condition and with the correct Air Ministry stamped Mk IV Bayonet Fitting.

Suitable for all WWII RAF 'G' & 'H' Type Oxygen Masks

Code: 53649Price:

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COMPLETE!! Creagh Osborne 1915 Radium Compass

This is one very, very rare Creagh Osborne Compass. My research has come up with Aeronautical & Maritime use. I also read of these being used in the very first British Army Tanks. Although how a magnetic compass would work inside a metal tank?

Code: 53648Price: 850.00 GBP

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COMPLETE!! Creagh Osborne Pattern 259 WWI Cockpit Compass

This compass is a direct descendant of the 1915 type of Naval Compass shown above.

The Pattern 259 was patented in 1913 and used by the Royal Flying Corps from 1915 onwards. It soon became the primary Cockpit Compass of the Royal Flying Corps throughout WWI.

This example is in superb, complete condition. Ready for installation into your Instrument Panel or for solo display.

Code: 53647Price: 1400.00 GBP

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GENUINE!! Metal & Enamel Airfield 'WARNING' Sign from 1954

In superb condition for an outdoor enamel sign.

Not known exactly which Airport this is from but regionally it is from the Liverpool/Blackpool area.

Measures 43cms x 28cms

Code: 53646Price: 350.00 GBP

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Replica (Not Fake) 1920-1924 Canadian Air Force Pilot Wing - CAF Buttons in an original 'SCULLY' Box.

This early Canadian Air Force Wing was sold to me as an original wing, but after a few authentication enquiries I was informed it to be a "Replica"....notice I use the word "Replica" and not "Fake".

This Wing was never made to deceive. It is thought this Wing is one of a small number made in the 1960's for presentation/wear by early Canadian Air Force Pilots of the 20th Century. It is therefore a very rare Pilot Wing in its own right.

Multi-piece made, it replicates superbly the Pilot Wing of the 1920-1924 Canadian Air Force. I believe the Wing and CAF lettering to be in silver, and the Maple Leaf looks to have a copper finish.

I understand this replica Wing was presented to the CAF Veterans along with with a pair of original CAF buttons, so I have displayed this Wing in a similar fashion. I've even shown them in an original William Scully box.

Even though this is a replica, it's a rarity in its own right. Indeed I've never seen another example.

Code: 53645Price: 340.00 GBP

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