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SUPERB!! Early Gilt/Silver RFC Pilot Wing by 'GAUNT'

There's no denying that when it comes to the first metal Pilot Wings of the Royal Flying Corps there is nothing to surpass this super rare variant made by Gaunt of London. Warren Carroll shows a similar Wing at the top of page 22 of Eagles Recalled. The only difference being it is stamped for "J R Gaunt, Montreal". My example is stamped " J. R GAUNT & SON LD, LONDON".

The Wing is in stunning condition and still carries a light gilt covering. More importantly the Wing still has its original retaining loop which was designed to further locate the Wing to the Royal Flying Corps Tunic to prevent the Wing being snagged and pulled out of the garment.

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STUNNING!! Royal Air Force 1920's Pilot Wing

A very rare and early RAF Pilot Wing.

Of the very highest quality this really is an outstanding early RAF Pilot Wing.

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LONG RAF SERVICE!! 1930-1960 RAF/RAAF Flying Instructor's Equipment

Acquired very recently and saved from being split up, this listing includes the first pattern Ctype Flying Helmet, Gtype Oxygen Mask, 1936 Dated Flying Gloves and 1937/1938 Flying Manuals.

This RAF Flight Instructors history includes being awarded the A.F.C (Air Force Cross) He was also one of six RAF Instructors sent to Australia in 1940 to refine the Flying Training Programmes of the RAAF. He became a highly accomplished RAF Pilot and Flight Instructor in the early 1930's. In the latter years of his long RAF career he was given command of RAF Portland Radar Station on February 20th 1953 when the station became fully operational.

These come with detailed pre-War history of this RAF Pilot where he flew, and trained RAF Pilots in all types of 1930's RAF Aircraft, and family letters of provenance. There is still more research to be done however and who knows what else might turn up?

The Pilot's name is L B Noyes. His Log Books are in the RAF Museum Hendon, so it will be possible to get full details of his full RAF Flying History before during and after WWII.

I can tell you that he was initially trained at RAF Abu Sueir, Egypt with 4 Flying Training School. He qualified as a pilot in the fastest time for any RAF Pilot in that specific year, so a highly accomplished RAF Pilot hence his later RAF career as an instructor.
He first flew the AVRO 504N and then graduated to further Aircraft including the Armstrong Whitworth Atlas and De Havilland DH9A. He was then posted to 30(B) Squadron in 1932=34, flying the Westland Wapitis in both Iraq and India. He also flew the Vickers Vimy 30B, Westland Wildebeest 30(B), Vickers Victoria and Hawker Demon.

His further pre-War career included him flying, The Bristol Bulldog with 111(F) Squadron). the Hawker Audax, Avro Tutor, Hawker Fury I, Hawker Fury II, Hawker Hart, Hawker Hind, and Miles Mentor.

Obviously he then went on to fly more advanced Fighter/Bombers using the Helmet, Goggles and Gauntlets I'm now offering you.

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EX-MUSEUM, Stunning Pair of WWI Officers Flying/Riding Boots

I say 'ex-museum' as these boots have had zips added to the back to enable the boots to be fully opened for fitting on a mannequin. Obviously once displayed the zips cannot be seen.

In superb condition these are perfect for display on a WWI Officers Mannequin.

Size 7

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SUPER RARE!! EPNS 'Posie Holder' From the Royal Flying Corps Club.

Given the very brief existence of the Royal Flying Corps Club any marked pieces are exceptionally rare. Indeed, this is just one of a handful of items I've ever come across in all my years of collecting.

A quite unique and highly displayable item of Royal Flying Corps memorabilia.

Code: 53827Price: 275.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! Silk & Lace RFC Officer's Mess Table Centre

In stunning condition this is a beautiful table centre which would have been used in the Officer's Mess of the Royal Flying Corps.

My pictures say the rest.

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EXCEPTIONAL!! WWI RAF Officer's 'Campaign' Wash Bowl - by 'SPODE'

Here's something you might not have seen before. I say that as for years I've endeavoured to locate a matching water jug and my searches have never located a similar WWI 'Campaign' RAF Wash Bowl by 'SPODE'.

This is the type of piece used only by very senior Officer's of the RAF whilst travelling on various campaign's and would be a very treasured posession indeed.

The condition is exceptional with the only wear being to the gilded edge. The rest of the gilding, including the early RAF Pilot Wing are in superb condition. To top all that, there are no chips or hairline crack. and the bowl makes a satisfying 'ding' when flicked with the finger.

A very rare RAF 'Museum Piece'!

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STUNNING!! RFC/RAF Propeller Clock - Mantle Display Piece

Made from the hub and blades of a WWI Sopwith Scout Propeller this is one lovely piece of WWI 'Trench Art'.

The hub carries all the relevant stamps, including 'SOPWITH SCOUT'. The clock is from my own collection and is an early 20th Century 8 Day Aero/Auto Clock with a wonderful 'OCTO' movement. Although never serviced the clock is in fine working condition.

The whole piece has been made with a 'flat back' meaning it was made to be displayed on a mantlepiece. I do think that at one time it had its own display on the top so I've shown a number of items from my collection which show just what an effective RFC/RAF display piece it is.

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MOSQUITO PILOT! - Uniform & Side Cap & Flying Headgear......All Fully Provenanced

Another very, very reluctant sale forced by recent events.

Squadron Leader George Milner-Smith DFC, tragically Killed in Action flying in Italy, just one month before WWII ended.

Having come direct from his family I've had the pleasure of owning the Uniform and Flying Helmet etc. of George Milner Smith for a few years now. In 2015 I had the pleasure of Museum visit of GSM's Grandson with his Wife and GSM's Great-Grandchildren. When his Grandson first say the display he reminisced of each Sunday when his Grandmother used to take out the Uniform every Sunday and carefully brush it down...a very poignant and emotional visit.

I still haven't got to the bottom of why GMS is shown standing next to a Battle of Britain Hurricane of 242 Squadron.

Please note; The listing includes the full Uniform, Side Cap, Flying Helmet MkVa Spectacles, Pictures and a full letter of provenance from the family and signed COA from myself.

Code: 53823Price: On Request

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MOSQUITO PILOT! - Early Ctype Flying Helmet & RARE! MkVA Spectacles

This is the headgear of Squadron Leader George Milner-Smith DFC.

Please note; The listing is part of the listing above and includes the full Uniform, Side Cap, Flying Helmet MkVa Spectacles, Pictures and a full letter of provenance from the family and signed COA from myself.

I have been asked to split various items but I can't do that, sorry.

For full details see above listing

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