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SPECTACULAR!! WWII Japanese 'KAMIKAZE' Flying Helmet

If ever a flying helmet depicts the iconic image of the "KAMIKAZE" then this is the one!

As can be seen from my pictures the leather of this helmet was once a wonderful maroon colour. Exposure to light for the past 70+ years has faded the leather in parts but this is still a magnificent and rare Japanese Flying Helmet.

The overall condition is as good as I've seen on the few examples of this I've come across, it has all original buttons and ties and splendid golden fur throughout. Also' the silk upper lining is in wonderful condition.

There are a few small areas of loose stitching but the helmet is structurally excellent!

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SUPER RARE!! 1936 - WWII Japanese Army Rigid Shell Winter 'Tank' Helmet

Very similar in style and almost identical specification to the leather Helmet worn by Japanese Army Aviation Training Units.

If I'm honest, I did in fact buy this as a Flying Helmet and am indebted to my friend Mick P for pointing me in the direction of the excellent website - "White Tiger Military". where you can find out so much more about this helmet than I am able to offer.

However, despite not being my specific area of interest there is no denying this is still one super rare helmet!

Code: 53731Price: 735.00 GBP

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MAGNIFICENT!! WWII US NAVY mk1 'LUFTWAFFE' Target Kite - Mediterranean Theatre

It certainly can't be said we don't find some rather extraordinary and rare Aviation pieces, and these are no exeption! I was very fortunate to have found and rescued not one, but two of these US Navy Target Kites. Now, although they're not in perfect condition, there's no denying these will look fantastic on the wall of any "man cave". Of course in the right hands these could be restored as they are complete, but I think they're pretty spectactular just as they are.

I don't have the "kite know how" to assemble them as they should be but as they are and measuring an impressive 60 inches by 48 inches (5ft x 4ft) they make a superb display piece and topic of conversation.

My price is for one kite.

Code: 53729Price: 770.00 GBP

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STUNNING!! ATA Bullion Blazer Badge & Sundries to ATA Flight Engineer

A wonderful small group of items relating to ATA Flight Engineer H.C Elliot.

I must point you straight to the bullion ATA Badge, this is one very special piece of ATA insignia...a real stunner!

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Polish Fighter Pilots in France 1939 - Look at the Helmet

Over the years I've acquired but a few of this type of Helmet, some fitted with Gosports. However, it has long been a topic of debate as to whether these French made hard shell leather helmets were indeed "Flying Helmets" of standard use. I've argued the case for some years now that these helmets were indeed worn by allied Airmen....hopefully now this newly found image of mine will give conclusive proof of their use in the air.

This is a French, 1939 image of two Polish Airmen who had fled to France after the annexation of Poland in September/October of 1939. The image shows what I believe to be a French "Morane-Saulnier" Fighter in Polish Air Force markings. If you look at the Pilot on the right you will see he is wearing the exact same hard shell helmet. I believe this to be the "ARAILLE" variant.

You can see both the "ARAILLE" and the 'ZINSZENER' on my website, Codes 52971 and 52972.

Code: 53733Price: On Request

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Quiet Birdmen Wing No.1

To find out more on this organisation go to;


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Quiet Birdmen Wing No.2

Founded in 1921 by World War I pilots, Members, called QBs, must be invited to join, and they join for life.
Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Eddie Rickenbacker, Roscoe Turner,Wiley Hardeman Post, Arthur Raymond Brooks, Robert George Fowler, Robert George Fowler, and yes, even Ernst Udet were all members of.....

"ye Anciente and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen".

This is one of two original Quiet Birdmen Wings I've acquired. Cast in aluminium and measuring 14" across. A rare and highly unusual item of early 20th Century Aviation Memorabilia.

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STUNNING!! RAF/Fleet Air Arm Ctype Flying Helmet

A really beautiful leather Flying Helmet of the RAF Fleet Air Arm

Code: 53725Price: 225.00 GBP

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VERY EARLY!! 1st Pattern RAF Ctype Flying Helmet

A lovely example of the rare 1st Pattern Ctype Flying Helmet.

There is surface wear/colour lightening to the high points of the leather but that does not go through the chrome finish. The Bennetts Buckle and Strap are both perfect and the leather is soft enough to allow the Helmet to be turned inside out. I love the very early Air Ministry issue stamp on this Helmet. To top it all, the original rubber receiver cups are still as soft and flexible as the day they were fitted.

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This has to be the ultimate in rare RAF china! The type of cup used to help feed Pilots with serious burns to their face, inclusing the Pilots of the GUINEA PIG CLUB!

This is the only example of this Cup I've ever seen and I give my personal gaurantee of full authenticity. As with other truly exceptional pieces I'm more than happy to provide a lifetime COA along with the cup on request.

NOTE; I ask that you do not confuse this with the faked up 'transfer printed' "RAF HENDON" and "AIR MINISTRY" china pieces so often listed on ebay every week.

Code: 53705Price: 625.00 GBP

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